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Golf Manager (Auto recognition of swing)

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Golf Manager (Auto recognition of swing) Description
- Golf Manager is the world’s first application that applies automatic-editing technology. It particularly provides automated edits of golf swings in real time. Golfers can make ‘nice swings,’ contain ‘memorable contents’ for a long time, and learn by ‘comparing with professionals’. It is a differentiated golf-specialized application that conveniently analyzes the problems of golf swings and exactly self-diagnoses oneself.

1. Easy and convenient

-There is no need for additional editing work after filming at the practice range or on the rounding field.
-It is automatically edited and plays back only the golf swings.
-It can automatically edit within just 3 seconds.

2. We only collect necessary things.

-It provides only necessary things for your own swing analysis through standardization.

***** Golf Manager is recognized for technical skills and merchantable quality *****

1. Golf Manager was awarded the excellence award for S/W development in the “Korea Mobile S/W Contest”
2. Golf Manager was chosen as the global application supported by the ‘Small and Medium Business Administration’.
3. Golf Manager was chosen as the ‘KT global Frontier business architect’

***** Application needed for golfers? *****

Gold Manager is prepared for golfers who would have thought at least once as below.
- Today’s round is not going well, what is the problem?
- Why is my score in the practice range and at my score at the field so different?
- I want to film, but it feels too inconvenient and difficult. Is there a good way?
- Can I compare mine and someone else’s swing in one screen?
- Can’t I look at my swings conveniently anywhere, anytime, by categorizing them like an album?
- Isn’t there an application that even left-handed people can use?

***** Explanation of main functions *****

▶ Play swing video
- Possible to easily and conveniently analyze the characteristics of one’s own swing and its problems through standardized-swing guides.
- Easily analyze a swing’s step-by-step separated movements using a ‘slide bar’.
- Easily analyze problems by applying ‘slow motion’.
- Easily and conveniently search a swing video clip that one wanted to see, using the ‘drag’ function
- Provide to ‘all look function’ for the facade part-video and side part-video, selecting an ‘all look menu’ function.

▶ Compare two swing video clips in one screen
- Analyze the changed figures, tempo and balance between the past and current swing figures.
- Compare own swing clips or of others (professional golfers, mentor and etc.)
- Possible to exact swing-analyze through impacted coordinate-value (that makes standard-value)

▶ Gallery (Stores and manages videos)
- Construct categories for user that can conveniently manage and select swing clips
- Provide divided categorized menu: in order as by person, by club, by record date of the recent swing clips
- Possible to create the changed figures in swing and history
- Provide manage menu that mentor’s swing set-up video classified by clubs
- Provide selecting play and delete the part of the swing clip, and provide various management functions such as send MMS for lesson pro.

***** Matters to confirm before purchase *****

- Golf Manager is a specialized application optimized for field use
- Please do check the help section of the application or the Golf Manager website for instructions on how to use
- Auto-identification can differ depending on filming environment
- Golf Manager is possible to use at 3GS unit or above
- It can only be used in iOS 4.2 versions or above, and those below should be updated
- After installation of application, there are no extra incurred costs while using. (Same as when roaming)
Golf Manager (Auto recognition of swing) 1.0.5 Update
2011-12-06 Version History
IOS 5.0 Support bug FIX to CAMERA Module.
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11.3 MB
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