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HealthSous: Fitness Companion Description
HealthSous, your health and fitness assistant have features like Calorie Meter, Yoga & Fitness Sessions, Exercise circuits, Intermittent Fasting, Water Reminder and many more. With HealthSous, we help everyone take care of their fitness and health by tracking the amount of calorie intake as well as amount of calorie they are burning each day either by walking or doing any kind of exercise. HealthSous has also come up with Intermittent Fasting feature, first in the indian application to introduce.

We all need motivation and assistance if we are in our either weight loss journey or may be wants us to keep fit and healthy, HealthSous is here to provide you that motivation and assistant so that you can achieve the target of either of weight loss and to remain fit and healthy. Whether it's Calorie Meter or Exercise circuit or Intermittent Fasting or any other feature of the app, users can track the health data to remain fit and healthy. HealthSous have reminder features linked to each feature to encourage the user to follow their workout or diet routine on time and achieve the fitness goal.

Complete Health & Fitness Tracking With Calorie Meter | Features To Look Out For

Intermittent Fasting: Intermittent fasting is the eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It allows you to eat whatever you want during your eating period. It doesn't specify what you should eat and what not. Intermittent fasting can also be known as interval fasting. The human body is actually designed for Intermittent Fasting, our intestines need time to digest whatever we eat or we can say they need time to digest toxins and unhealthy fatty acids. Most common methods of Intermittent Fasting are like 16/8 method, 14/10 method and 5/2 method. Reducing the calorie intake can cause loss of weight if you follow the method strictly.

Exercise Circuit: HealthSous brings popular and recommended exercise circuits for users to follow in their weight loss journey. You can also explore recommended or popular workout circuits or can also explore the custom workout circuit. Exercise circuits range from 10 minutes to 25 minutes mentioning the amount of calorie one can burn after completing the particular circuit. Every workout or fitness session is designed to meet specific goals - be it weight loss, maintain weight, strength or more. With the custom workout, users can create their own circuit to follow.

Water Tracking: Drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday in order to keep yourself hydrated. HealthSous will help you to track the amount of water consumed. A water reminder will keep you buzzing to have a glass of water every hour.

Calorie Meter: Calorie meter will help users to track the amount of calorie they are consuming with each meal and how much more calorie they need to consume for the rest of the day. While working out, users can also track the amount of calorie they have burned and the amount they needed to burn to achieve the goal of weight loss or vice-versa.

Step Count: HealthSous will help you with the steps the user is taking in a day with the amount of Calorie burned and the distance in KM they travelled. With a target of at least 10000 steps in a day, HealthSous wants users to take more steps to remain fit and healthy.

HealthSous uses the Apple Health app to track steps analysis.
HealthSous: Fitness Companion 1.4 Update
2020-05-27 Version History
some UI Updates and bug fixes
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85.1 MB
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