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Heart Rate Me-Home Pulse Track Description
Do you know? According to research, the human heart beats about 4 billion times. This means that the higher the heart rate, the shorter the life expectancy. Heart Rate Me is an app that specializes in heart rate monitoring technology. It can periodically display heart rate changes and provide medical advice for you according to the heart rate values in different modes, allowing you to better understand yourself, insist on improvement, and lead a healthy and smart life , From now on!

The main functions:
> Intelligent detection-By using mobile phone camera and flash, it only needs one finger to quickly detect your current heart rate value, which is convenient, simple and fast.
* Professional calculation method. We use a special heart rate calculator to automatically measure your heart rate based on the information conveyed by your fingers.
* Multi-mode supported. Support multiple modes, such as resting state, sport state (running, outdoor fitness, walking), sleep state, etc.

> Real-time heartbeat curve - real-time view the amplitude of heartbeat and understand the activity of heartbeat.
* Observe changes in blood flow. During the detection process, you can see the change in the color of the blood in the lens, which corresponds to the frequency of your heartbeat.
* Continuously track the heartbeat curve. You can find the corresponding test record in the historical data and view your heart rate curve.

> Analysis report-A week report is provided, which integrates graphs and average values ​​to intuitively understand the changes in heart rate in the past week.
*Multi-week average data. Insist on detecting heart rate, we will provide you with an intuitive comparison bar chart, you can see the trend changes of various modes in a week, and provide you with effective suggestions according to the trend.
*Multi-month statistics. Insist on detecting heart rate, the application can show you the monthly health level, and provide you with multi-mode statistical data for each month.

>Diet plan-According to personal physique, provide periodic heart rate improvement related eating plan, each dish provides detailed and abundant ingredients and cooking instructions.

>Emergency contact call - When the heart rate is in an abnormal range, it will help you call emergency contacts quickly.
*Information protection. The nickname and number of the contact you filled in are only saved in your mobile phone, and cannot be uploaded, copied and shared.

This application is an in-app purchase application. The application contains functions that require paid subscriptions. Please pay attention to managing subscriptions. We have two premium subscriptions:
> Heart Rate Me Premium-$7.99/week
> Heart Rate Me Premium-$29.99/month
> Heart Rate Me Premium-$86.99/year

Special Note:
*The application can obtain your heart rate by connecting with Apple Health. You can complete the test on other third-party devices such as Apple Watch, Bluetooth watch or third-party health application to synchronize heart rate data.
*Since there is no flash except for the 9.7-inch ipad device, the heart rate cannot be detected on the corresponding device. If you complete the purchase on the ipad, but the function cannot be used normally, you can log in the itunes account you completed the purchase to your iphone for re-downloading, no need to pay a second time.

In order to better serve you, we need some system permissions when testing, such as camera use permissions, notification permissions, etc. All your data is only stored locally, we will not upload and re-use the detected data, please rest assured To use, you can also learn more about our user terms and privacy agreement here:
User Terms:https://sites.google.com/view/heartrater-en
Privacy agreement:https://sites.google.com/view/heartrater-policy-en

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us without hesitation:morelightstar@gmail.com
Heart Rate Me-Home Pulse Track 1.3.1 Update
2020-08-05 Version History
More professional all-round health monitoring has been launched. The heart rate is not just a number, it also hides more health codes.
>Real-time heartbeat curve
>Analysis Report
>Diet plan
>Emergency Contact
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95.0 MB
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