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Hedgewars Description
Hedgewars, it's a Blast!

This is the funniest and most addictive game you'll ever play - hilarious fun that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Hedgewars is a turn based strategy game but the real buzz is from watching the devastation caused by those pesky hedgehogs with those fantastic weapons - sneaky little blighters with a bad attitude!

In other words Hedgewars is a turn based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game, featuring the antics of pink hedgehogs with attitude as they battle from the depths of hell to the depths of space.

As commander, it's your job to assemble your crack team of hedgehog soldiers and bring the war to your enemy.

Each player controls a team of several hedgehogs. During the course of the game, players take turns with one of their hedgehogs. They then use whatever tools and weapons are available to attack and kill the opponents' hedgehogs, thereby winning the game. Hedgehogs may move around the terrain in a variety of ways, normally by walking and jumping but also by using particular tools such as the "Rope" or "Parachute", to move to otherwise inaccessible areas. Each turn is time-limited to ensure that players do not hold up the game with excessive thinking or moving. A large variety of tools and weapons are available for players during the game: Grenade, Cluster Bomb, Bazooka, UFO, Shotgun, Desert Eagle, Fire Punch, Baseball Bat, Dynamite, Mine, Rope, Pneumatic pick, Parachute. Most weapons, when used, cause explosions that deform the terrain, removing circular chunks. The landscape is an island floating on a body of water, or a restricted cave with water at the bottom. A hedgehog dies when it enters the water (either by falling off the island, or through a hole in the bottom of it), it is thrown off either side of the arena or when its health is reduced, typically from contact with explosions, to zero (the damage dealt to the attacked hedgehog or hedgehogs after a player's or CPU turn is shown only when all movement on the battlefield has ceased).

* Hilarious and devastating turn based combat for up to 8 players
* Local multiplayer with optional AI opponents
* Battle on an infinite number of randomly generated maps with over 31 environments, or choose from 48 set image maps
* Utilise 55 (and counting) devastating weapons! Defeat your foes with simple weapons like Grenades or take it to the next level and trash entire landscapes with weapons like the Melon Bomb or Piano Strike
* Play the game your way, with 25 different game modifiers, tweak almost every aspect of the match
* Customize your team, with over 280 costumes, 32 graves, 13 forts, 100s of flags and unique voice packs
* Huge battles with up to 64 hogs
Hedgewars 2.1 Update
2018-04-02 Version History
So, kinda April's fool, right? No, just new Headgewars release!

"À la carte":
- Bugfixes for some reaaally annoying bugs, like stuck in movement for some hedges. Bad, bad, naughty hedges! (no blame on lazy devz for touch controls, pleaze :) )
- New weapon: Rubber Duck. Who you gonna quack? :)
- New theme: Beach. Ahh, so relaxing!
- Proper handling for placing app into background, now game pauses automatically
- AI hedgehogs can now use Homing Bee, Vampirism and Time Box

...and, much much more!! Check release notes for 0.9.23 desktop version on www.hedgewars.org!
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173.3 MB
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Anton Malmygin
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