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Herestar helps people focus on the good all around us, keeping the positive in the forefront of our minds with an easy-to-use daily app.

Herestar is beneficial in myriad ways and in a multitude of environments and situations. It can help schools create and sustain supportive environments. By encouraging students, teachers, and administrators to track their contributions to the common good, Herestar allows everyone to participate together in creating a beneficial atmosphere in the classroom, the community, and the world.

Herestar helps today’s families connect and stay in touch by keeping positivity in the forefront of their awareness and conversations, sharing the good they are doing and noticing with one another.

A family can create their own Herestar constellation and connect it with other families in their neighborhood or relatives. The possibilities of encouraging and creating a more productive and satisfying world are endless and contribute to real time health benefits and a deep sense of belonging.

By creating and activating Herestar constellations, business groups can track goals and manage projects with a little serendipity and fun along the way. Workers collaborate within their constellation and each member’s contribution to the project’s goal gains momentum, encouraging contribution and camaraderie among workers.

Herestar helps churches and spiritual communities engage their congregations and members in active participation with each other by creating constellations based on common interests, shared goals, and doing volunteer work in their larger communities.
As you can see, the possibilities for constellations within Herestar are endless!

Herestar helps connect and encourage us to live life together as one. It helps everyone remember that there is always kindness and generosity flowing in our immediate space as well as in the larger world.

In the Herestar Universe, people help people. They track good deeds and kind acts wherever they see and note them. People are on the lookout for something good happening and for opportunities to do good.

Our public space becomes more reflective of who we truly are. When a Herestarian witnesses and shares an act of kindness, Herestar records it. Each day, the Herestar map grows ever more full with neighborhoods, cities, and eventually the entire planet covered in a network of good deeds and actions. Kindness begets kindness and multiplies geometrically.

Herestar helps change the world one bit of good at a time.
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