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Hine's Speed Description
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It talks because of a full voice and it attractive characters who roll it up and the speeds fights.

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- The speed?
The player of two people fights. An on hand card of the card and ..one.. difference (A and K are considered to be one difference) of the place is put out, and it is fast and lost wins a card on hand.

- Game description
'Speed' of the standard cards game has become the game of the death that threatens people's lives by the compulsion rule of 'Speed empire' that appears suddenly.

The loser of the speed match is made a card one after another by 'Human race total card plan' of the speed empire.
When the number extended it to 56,000 decks, one boy stood up.

Can 'Haing' that is more favorite than the rice of three degrees at the speed of the cards game redeem the world from the speed empire by the burning fighting spirit and a marvelous speed handling?

The future, it hangs to his speed handling.

- Game mode
Enemy character and speed match that becomes boy 'HINE' to stand up to rescue the world ruled by speed empire, and is unique. Knock down the emperor, and regain peace in the world.

It is a mode with the friend and two families it is possible to fight. The rule is set, and I will unfold hot speed battle.

- Appearance character
The fifth grade of elementary school that speed is loved. Skill such as speed is loved like [shuhana], and calling in school cards when sleeping "Speed mastering". It is slow for goodwill from someone though the agility at the speed is sharp. The future in the world hangs to the arm of man who has knocked it down the assassin of the speed empire where the level exists by overwhelming ability.

The cool fifth grade of elementary school. Haing is a classmate and it is a good rival, too. A young, sharp speed handling was expected, and it was appointed to the general of the speed empire. Pride..high..something..matter..hot..become..clumsy..think.It turns into some other person in case of [ALLARROWA] the elder sister.

Teacher at school of which Haing commutes. Elder sister of [FASS]. The schoolboy is not few. attend the class of easy [ALLARROWA], and ..sweetness.. remembered [zuppa] by the first loveA beautiful speed handling was expected, and it was appointed to the general of the speed empire. It always spoils it as [HINE] is favorite.

Teacher at school of which Haing et al. commute. Most students fear [KILLON] to do a severe class, and there are a lot of schoolgirls who [kyun] it to his dignified expression the chest, too. The Australian arm was made the best use of, and a powerful, cruel speed handling was expected, and it was appointed to the general of the speed empire. [ALLARROWA] is loved.

Emperor of speed empire. The speed handling is a speed of no permission of the follow to another. Because the person who saw the appearance is immediately made a card, nobody knows the appearance excluding the general.

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