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Holographic Time - Full Audiobook Description
Get the Full Audiobook Version of “Realms of Joy - Time of Light”. How you can master Holographic Time to gain peace, happiness, and wealth. Try these Holographic Time exercises to help you live in Joy and Light.

Realms of Joy is a companion book to Christopher Westra’s I Create Reality book and app, and they are best used together. Those who understand and live in Holographic Time become much more skilled at manifesting their dreams and desires.

Robin Dobson from Queensland, Australia said: “I want to say a very big thank you for allowing me to share in your discovery of time.

I feel that I have been practicing this in various ways, but without the understanding of what I was doing. With your explanation of Holographic time & the exercises, I feel NOW that I can live more fully in the NOW moments without fragmentation. This makes me very happy indeed. Being Happy is the ultimate, I feel, knowing how to be happy is the challenge we face.”

Here are the 14 Chapter Titles for the Audiobook:

Chapter 1. Why Should I Care About Holographic Time?
Chapter 2. What is Holographic Time?
Chapter 3. What is Linear Time?
Chapter 4. Ending Addictions with Holographic Time
Chapter 5. Holographic Time and Jesus Christ
Chapter 6. How to Overcome Fear With Holographic Time
Chapter 7. How to Create Your Desires in Holographic Time
Chapter 8. Creating Emotions at Will in Holographic Time
Chapter 9. Holographic Time and the Desire for Increased Wealth
Chapter 10. Wealth Creation, Effective Action, and Holographic Time
Chapter 11. Holographic Brain Synchronization – A Growth Tool
Chapter 12. Holographic Time and the Use of Language
Chapter 13. Holographic Time, Society, and Planetary Change
Chapter 14. The Beginning of Something Wonderful

And here are 12 of the Holographic Time Exercises also included in the app:

1. Your Favorite Activities
2. The Powerful Sphere of the Present
3. Find a Present-Oriented Friend
4. Wrapping Up All Meanings in the Present
5. Instantaneous Change
6. Holographic Fear Replacement
7. Manifesting in Holographic Time
8. Let Go of the Story
9. Ten Things You Really Want
10. Holographic Guidance
11. Changing our Language of Time
12. Share the Holographic Time Awakening

The way you choose to perceive “Time” is the foundation for how you see yourself and the world.

There is no such “thing” as time. Our experience of time is merely an artifact of our conscious existence here on this earth. So when I speak of “Holographic Time” I really mean living in a Holographic Consciousness. And when I speak of “Linear Time” I mean perceiving the world through a linear consciousness.

A Hologram is a three dimensional image made with the help of a laser. If you cut the image in half, each half contains the entire image. This is very different from a normal photograph. Every part of a hologram contains all the information possessed by the whole.

Our consciousness, like a hologram, is “naturally” an organic whole that refuses to be divided. If you tear a picture in half, you only have half a picture. When we tear our awareness of reality into pieces, is it any wonder that we don’t have an accurate picture?

Linear time is divided into parts. It is fragmented into past, present, and future. Time is not meant to be fragmented in this way. The “Linear Model” of time is modeled after a “Line”, which is made up of separate and discrete points in space. When you choose to experience Linear Time, your consciousness is fragmented also. Many illusions and problems occur in our lives because we divide and fragment ourselves.

Holographic time is whole. There is only now, which can never be divided or fragmented. The meanings of the past, and the implications of the future, are all now. When you choose to experience Holographic time, your consciousness is wonderfully whole. Incredible benefits result from the awareness, focus, and connection of Holographic time.
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