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IceCubes Special Edition

IceCubes Special Edition

Game Jelly Online

1.0 for iPhone, iPad

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IceCubes Special Edition Description
READ: IceCubes SE is a universal app and will run on: iPod Touch 3rd Gen 32GB or newer, iPhone 3GS or newer, iPad 1/2. Supports iOS 3.2+ (need 4.1+ for online)

"Get it. Now." -DigitallyDownloaded.Net (4/5)

"one of the games that you’d probably be burning a lot of time on" -AppSplit (4/5)

FREE TO PLAY! Pay to unlock characters and difficulties and remove the ad.

A TOTALLY NEW GAME! IceCubes is a whole new take on falling block puzzle games! Interaction with the blocks is direct and natural. For the first time ever, deal with multiple falling blocks on the screen at once! Drag blocks anywhere you want, even up to the top! Blocks don't settle instantly so you can easily correct mistakes. The game also supports multi-touch.

INSANE SUPER MOVES! That's right. This is most likely the first puzzle game to allow you to perform damaging super moves to clear large amounts of blocks! This is the only game on Earth with eye-beam shooting baby seals. Break blocks with fish inside to fill your fish meter. When it's full, tap the fish meter to unleash a powerful super move!

ONLINE PLAY! Play online VS your friends or random strangers. The gameplay is a of block-busting reverse tug of war. Find out if you have what it takes to become a true IceCubes master! Tap the white icecube to play online. Tap "VERSUS" and then tap the "play now" button at the top right!

REPLAY RECORDING/SHARING! Record and share replays with others! Every game you play is recorded automatically. You can share with friends or strangers. Show people that awesome thing you did that one time! Tap the yellow icecube to access options and watch your replays. Found a bug? Email your replay file to

GET IN THE GAME! Tap the blue icecube to enter character select or the green icecube to play instantly using your last settings. Using quick start, you can start IceCubes from scratch and be in a game in seconds! If you leave the game running at the menu, you can start a new game instantly! Play anywhere, any time. Text messages, home button, etc. will not affect your game!

DEEP GAMEPLAY! Drag blocks to move them around. Tap on blocks to rotate them. Match 4 or more blocks to create a colorful ice explosion! Delay explosions by placing same-colored blocks on top of eachother before they settle. Save blocks for later by moving them to the top. Perform combos and advanced moves such as the Z-Slide and L-Spin. Master exactly when to unleash your super move. Great care has been taken to make sure this game is both fun and addictive!

CUSTOM MUSIC! This game allows you to open up your iPod app or any streaming music app whenever you want without limitations and play the music you want to hear! Once your music is playing, double-tap the home button to bring up your iPod menu and switch tracks on the fly while the game is running!

DEVELOPING THE GAME! Hello, I'm Jody McAdams! This game was created in a few hours a week over the course of more than a year. The engine was created by me from scratch using C/C++/Objective-C (XCode on Mac). The menu physics were created using Box2D. I drew the characters in InkScape (Mac/PC) and InkPad (iPad) and animated them in Synfig Studio (Mac/PC). I created the music using the Korg DS-10 (Nintendo DS) and Korg iMS-20 (iPad). I modeled the IceCubes using Blender (Mac/PC). I drew my textures in Paint Shop Pro (PC) and Gimp (Mac/PC). I programmed all the special effects and all of the gameplay. I put my soul into this game! I also had some help. The UI, replay and network code was programmed by my good associate. The "Igloos In The Sunset" background was painted by Lloyd Murphy.

FINAL MESSAGE! I hope you all enjoy playing this game as much as I did making it! If you have any problems, please email I want to help! If anyone has suggestions, please email me! I can't wait to hear your feedback!

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14.9 MB
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Game Jelly Online
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