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Micro Scanner Description
This is one of the best ID copy apps.

Used for photocopying of common documents, including common ID cards, passports, driving licenses, business licenses, etc.

The main functions are as follows:

1. Built-in common templates
Including ID card, household registration book, passport, driver's license, driving license, bank card, birth certificate, single page, marriage certificate, real estate certificate, etc.
Including common certificates of Hong Kong, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions

2. Document combination
You can combine multiple documents on one piece of paper as needed, such as copying ID card, household registration book, and driver’s license on one piece of paper

3. Change the document size parameters arbitrarily
In theory, you can make any documents that are not built-in or adjust according to the print size

4. Picture automatic trimming & manual adjustment and rotation
In most cases, the border of the document can be automatically identified for subsequent use, and manual fine-tuning is also supported

5. Filter support
Support monochrome, black and white, enhanced, original image and other filter modes to meet different needs

6. Text & watermark support
Add text or watermark to the certificate to prevent the certificate from being misused

7. Wireless printing support
For printers that support AirPrint, you can print directly

8. Save and share
Can be saved to a local album, or shared to WeChat, email and other common sharing methods using PNG, PDF and other formats

9. History preservation
Automatically save the certificate to history for subsequent use

Now you can freely move, add, and delete ID photos. Now you can combine various IDs such as account book, ID card, driver's license, bank card, etc. on a piece of A4 paper to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Some comments are as follows

"Add all kinds of certificates to it, it is convenient to find and use, it is very convenient and fast, and it is very practical." - Brother 666, who is happy and free

"The software is good, it's relatively easy to use, save the copy of the certificate, improve the efficiency"

"The software is concise and clear, and finally there is a software that can specifically back up my credentials, which is very easy to use."

"This software is exactly what I need, and the software is also very smooth to use. I hope the author will add more functions in the future."

"Finally I found this kind of software that directly turns the ID card in the photo into the A4 printing function. In the future, I don’t need to print the ID card and other documents in the typing company. I hope that the developer can add a graduation certificate, marriage certificate, practice certificate, etc. Credential function."

"It was troublesome to scan when I used it before. It is very convenient to just print it offline"

"It’s seems incredible that there are no apps like this, dedicated only scan id’s. I would really love to be more international and not only US and Chinese? Hopefully we will get more updates to this app. Thank you!"

"Save pdf export is very clear. Several similar software tried out the most cost-effective"

This software does not collect any user privacy data or user behavior data, and all data is stored locally. All data only exists with this machine, and the sharing function is the built-in system function of iOS.

After version 2.2, the iCloud backup function was added at the request of some users. The technology used was provided by Apple CloudKit. For ID pictures generated before version 2.2, users need to manually open the pictures to be backed up once, and then perform iCloud backup. The picture files backed up to iCloud can be seamlessly viewed and used using the "File" that comes with iOS or the Finder (Go->iCloud Driver) that comes with Mac.

If you have any problems or bugs, please report to life4happy at 126.com (replace at with @), thank you for your support!
Micro Scanner 2.2.3 Update
2022-05-03 Version History
bug fixing
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7.1 MB
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Tongqing Niu
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