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iFortuna from Metrilogics Description
iFortuna - come for the personalized daily wisdom... stay for the mystic video mod topics on the app's "Prospero Arcana" tab (see bulleted list at bottom)... and work your way up from Grade 1 Initiate to Grade 4 Mage by acquiring all the mystical knowledge.

Unlike horoscopes or other single tool divination methods, iFortuna employs the robust Tri-Oracular method - cross channeling the time-tested power of Runes, Tarot and I Ching - to guide each user on their own unique spiritual path. As a result, iFortuna can assist with everything from:

• making choices to advance in one's profession, to
• locating sources of hidden wealth, to
• helping others achieve their goals, to
• growing spiritually and emotionally.

Some days the app's "Daily Wisdom" tab may tell you to proceed with confidence or take calculated risks. On other days iFortuna may warn you to beware of trouble. Or else iFortuna may suggest that you exercise caution and hold your ground for the time being. Whatever lies in store for you each day, iFortuna will be there to help.

As you use iFortuna to get each day off to the right start, BE SURE to also check out the app's "Prospero Arcana" tab. Each video provides insight into a variety of mystical and occult subjects, including spells, charms, chants, prayers and age-old lore that bring happiness, health, wealth, influence and knowledge of the future. "Prospero Arcana" topics include:

• Alchemy: The Elixir of Life
• Alchemy: The Masters
• Alchemy: Philosopher's Stone
• Angels: Celestial Alphabet
• Angels: Earthly Presence
• Angels: Enochian Language
• Angels: The Fallen
• Angels: Heavenly Hierarchy
• Angels: Malachim Alphabet
• Angels: Servants of God
• Angels: Their Symbols
• Beowulf's Lost Treasure
• Gods of Ancient Egypt
• Gods of the Vikings
• Grimoires: Armadel
• Grimoires: The Black Pullet
• Grimoires: Codex Gigas
• Grimoires: Picatrix
• I Ching Trigrams & Their Meanings
• Kabbalah: Foundation
• Kabbalah: The Masters
• Kabbalah: Transitus Fluvii
• Kabbalah: Tree of Life
• Life Bestown: Crosse's Acari
• Life Bestown: Golem
• Life Bestown: Homunculus
• Life Bestown: Reanimation
• Life Bestown: Techno Beings
• Life Bestown: Tulpa
• Maya: Great Cycle's End
• Objects of Power: Excalibur
• Objects of Power: Four Jewels of Ireland
• Objects of Power: Holy Grail
• Objects of Power: Seal of Solomon
• Pagan Origins: Christmas
• Pagan Origins: Easter
• Pagan Origins: Halloween
• Runes & Their Meanings
• Secret Realms: Hollow Earth
• Tarot & Their Meanings
• Templar Treasure
• Wicca: Book of Shadows
• Wicca: Healing
• Wicca: Horned God
• Wicca: Love
• Wicca: The Masters
• Wicca: Malleus Maleficarum
• Wicca: Mother Goddess
• Wicca: Wealth

...with many more to come!

Prefer your "Prospero Arcana" videos in .mov format? Check out:
iFortuna from Metrilogics 1.45 Update
2019-04-07 Version History
* Reworked various outdated operating system application programming interfaces (APIs) to better conform to Apple's ongoing progress in maintaining security and efficiency (which we wholeheartedly endorse)
* Addressed an issue related to Apple's policy regarding explicit descriptions of what has been modified from the previous version
* No other modifications to the application have been made, so no behavioral changes should be noticeable (i.e., the application should continue to perform as expected)
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510.8 MB
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