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Immigrant Challenge Description
We just released version 1.0/prototype. With your support we can launch version 2.0 Please donate in our website

Our mission is to bring awareness to immigrant's challenges around the world. The goal is to play as an immigrant who tries to get into one of the developed countries in the center such as (Germany, France, US). This game will help understanding the process and back & forth that immigrants go through.
How it works: It needs minimum 2 players & maximum 4 player to play on the same local-host/Wi-FI network or on "Internet". The internet version also functions, but only if users wait 10 seconds after the first user click on "Ready" button.

Step by step instructions on how to start the game:

"Internet": Instruction for minimum 2 players & maximum 4 players on "Internet"

1) Click on game icon
2) Player-1 chooses "Internet"
3) Player-2 Chooses "Internet" (if more than 2 players, player-3 & player-4 do the same)
4) Player-1 clicks on "Host"
5) Player-2 clicks on "Join" (if more than 2 players, player-3 & player-4 do the same)
6) Player-1 chooses his/her country flag
7) Player-2 chooses his/her country flag (if more than 2 players, player-3 & player-4 do the same)
8) Player-1 choose the center country flag (US, Germany, Canada, ...) <======
9) Player-1 clicks on "Ready"
10) Player-2 clicks on "Ready" after 10 seconds (if more than 2 players, player-3 & player-4 do the same)
11) Game starts, Player-1 "Take a card"
12) Player-2 "Take a card"
13) Players keep taking cards when it is their turn till one player enters the center country & wins

How to play, using "Local Host"/WI-FI": It is the same as "Internet" version except choose "Local Host" in the beginning.

How to stop the application:
Click on the arrow pointing to left on the top left corner, or kill the app like any ios App.

General description:
Benjamin Montana, a fictitious character, has become the president of the center country. The center country could be USA, Germany, France, Canada, etc. Before he came to power, getting into these country was simpler..

Your role as a player is to represent one of the four countries on each corner of the digital board game. The goal of the game is to be the first player to enter the center country (Germany, US, Canada, etc.) that is surrounded by walls. At the beginning of each person’s turn, you as the player will collect a chance card. Each chance card will give you different opportunities, like go to the nearest Airport, advance 3 spaces, or do not do anything this round. Chance cards can also give you opportunities to collect Skill or Asset cards. You can also use your own asset to buy tickets or borrow. By the time you reach the wall, you will be assessed based on those Skills & Assets to see whether or not you’re fit to enter the particular center country. However, this assessment only applies to players who try to enter legally. You can also enter by getting a chance card saying: go through a tunnel to the center country (or to another point on the map), or take an illegal boat/flight to the center country. By going in illegally, you will not need to be assessed on your skills & assets. Each way has its own benefits & risks, but either way will give you a chance at entering the center country & winning.


1) Why internet version doesn't work: After the player-1 (host) click on Ready, the other players should wait 10 seconds
2) What to do if the applications stops working, kill the app and start over:
3) Where to get support": Send an email to us at

Visit us at our Facebook site "Immigrant Challenge"
Visit us at our website ""

Donate to us at "" or
Immigrant Challenge 1.0 Update
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51.3 MB
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