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Infinity Wars

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Infinity Wars Description
Infinity Wars is the third in the Vector Infinity line of games. Your are trapped in a rectangular arena built of force fields and you are facing an onslaught of hostile drones from the Forces of Infinity. The Infinity Forces consist of blue drones, yellow attackers, and red strikers. Even worse, the attackers and the strikers will lay mines and spray bullets as they circulate through the arena.

How to Play:
On the level select screen, use your left thumb on the left and right arrows to rotate your ship until the desired start level is highlighted. When you have the desired level highlighted, use your right thumb to start the game.

When playing Infinity Wars, you will want to play your left thumb over the left and right arrows in the bottom left corner of the screen. Your right thumb goes over the up arrow (thrusters) and the fire button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Use the left and right arrows to rotate your ship to the left or right. Use the up arrow to activate the thrusters and move the ship forward in the direction it's facing. Tap the fire button to fire at the drones.

You can pause game play at any time by tapping the upper half of the screen. You can tap again anywhere in the upper half of the screen to resume play, or the white quit button to quit back to the main menu.

The play field consists of shield walls. Your ship will bounce off the shield walls harmlessly. Use this to your advantaged as you circulate around the play field.

Also at the beginning of each level as well as the start of each new life, your ship will fade into view. While it is fading into view, you are free to maneuver and cannot be harmed. Use this time to move your ship to a safer position, clear mines, or just wipe out the drone forces.

Each drone wave consists of 4 levels consisting of a wave of drones. You must clear each level of drones before proceeding to the next level. As you play through a level, certain drones will flash. These drones will become yellow attackers that will start to fire bullets throughout the play field. If these are not destroyed, they will become red strikers. These strikers are much faster and will track you aggressively.

Note that you do not need to clear the level of mines, although clearing them will make it easier to navigate the levels. The mines will carry over from level to level until the end of a drone wave. A bonus is awarded for each drone wave completed.

Score Table:
Blue Drone - 100 points
Yellow Attacker - 150 points
Red Spinner - 250 points
Yellow Mine - 35 points
White Splinter Mine - 50 points
Orange Proxy Mine - 75 points
Blue Mine - Cannot be destroyed

-Extra ships awarded at 5000, 15000, 25000, 50000, and every 50000 points thereafter
-Wave bonus awarded every 4 levels. Also completing every 4th level also clears the field of mines
Infinity Wars 1.3 Update
2017-09-09 Version History
- Rebalanced the game (some of the levels were far too difficult)
- The player's ship can go out in a blaze of glory... and just might take a few of the Infinity Forces with it
- Fixed some shield related bugs
- Fixed issue where mines were not being swept between drone waves
- Made minor graphical enhancements
- Made some enhancements to the sound-scape
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25.5 MB
Release Date:
Sean Barenz
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