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iPartyHeteroptics Description
*Thank you for waiting ! Since its 2011 release the popular "iPartyHeteroptics" is the version up !
What free now ! Please enjoy the mystery of various heteropticses !
The thing seen shape different from true shape for "Trick of the eyesight" is said, "Heteroptics".

[Basic information]
iPartyHeteroptics is a profitable application to be able to experience ten kinds of heteroptics contents by operating it while making it.
Please move a straight line, a triangle, and patterned icon, stop the moving figure, and experience the mystery of various heteropticses !

Let's become the center of the topic of the party by using ten kinds of heteroptics contents !

(1)"Circle of different size ?" : Mysterious circle that seems quite different size though it is the same size, by surrounding circles bigness and smallness
(2)"Distorted square ?" : Mysterious square that seems distorted by fan straight line position
(3)"Is different straight line length ?" : Mysterious straight line that looks long or short, by arrow that changes angle and opens and shuts
(4)"Inclining parallel lines ?" : Mysterious parallel lines that seems inclined by detailed slash that changes angle
(5)"Parallelogram of different size ?" : Mysterious parallelogram that seems completely different size by a position
(6)"Different color ?" : Mysterious gray square that seems quite different color of density by the changing background color
(7)"Circle of lattice pattern that begins to move ?" : Mysterious lattice patterned circle that seems to begin moving like it on drop of water when putting it in lattice pattern
(8)"Is the pattern distorted ?" : Mysterious pattern to which it begins to distort the horizontal, vertical line when putting it in lattice pattern
(9)"Triangle that does expansion reduction ?" : Mysterious equilateral triangle into which size seems to have changed by place where triangle is put
(10)"In which direction is this penguin rotating ?" : Clockwise? Anti-clockwise? In which direction does the penguin seem to be rotating for you ?

How do you surprise a surrounding person ?
It is depending on you how to use the content of "iPartyHeteroptics".
Please brighten up the party by the way only of you.

[Web site]
iPartyHeteroptics Official site
Our official site
iPartyHeteroptics 1.1 Update
2015-12-08 Version History
It corresponds to iOS7.0 or more. It corresponds to the iPad.
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199.5 MB
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