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JANA HELP Description
As the names implies this app is made for the JANA (Common People) for having all the assimilation of what kind of help is being distributed by the Volunteers (Warriors who have come to help) & how the distribution is covered to what specific stakeholder with quality, quantity & revenue matrix till last point.

The Idea is very simple, in terms of, collating 2 main stakeholder in the app, Volunteer & Help Seeker, to know the where about of their help activities, seeked & given, through this App. The App will help like Essential Services, Grocery, Emergencies medical material, Food, etc. being tracked & respective allotment to be levied upon any stakeholder through the volunteer & help seeker.

This will enable the group leader (The Organisation owner), to disburse the required material to different stakeholders, track it & account it against the respective stakeholder as well. Leader  can create group, can volunteer, assign jobs which otherwise becomes difficult to track & might be misplaced or not used in appropriate manner, the way it would have been.

This can be certainly used by political leaders, Head of NGOs, Religious institutes & like-minded organisations, who always are at the forefront of giving such kind of help but don’t know how to distribute & then possible track down to the last point of consumption. Typically this is related to difficult times like lockdown where in help is being given by central & state government & is also generated locally but there is no mechanism to get the data feed to be tracked & then no system to do surveillance to see that it is not used for any unsocial activities. Going further it will be help with picture as proof to get the mandatory things being done. This will tighten the process along last mile. Many NGOs, Charitable trusts, Religious institute & other profound organisations are always up for any help in such kind of difficult times but always lags & are worrisome, as we whether their help is being properly distributed & is going in right needful hands. They want to trace out & track such help with a accountable & more reachable, methodological approach. This in a way is accountable community platform, where’re they can trace accountable of help in auditable manner.

Volunteer & Help Seeker are 2 main actors in the same. They can create group of volunteers, assign them tasks, get the reporting & fulfilment being tracked & advise the volunteers like wise. This becomes 1 stop platform for all activities for the leader/Higher Management to track, trace & fulfil their way of help & can be very decisive in their performance to mandate things for the help given. This becomes an auditable platform to realign their KRAs & duties assigned. This becomes a watchdog for all other people in the hierarchy to adhere & manage it responsibly as they are being tracked & hence increases efficiency & speed of the work to the last mile.
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