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Johnny No Pants: Weed Trek

Johnny No Pants: Weed Trek

Steven DeArmond

1.1 for iPhone, iPad

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Johnny No Pants: Weed Trek Description
WARNING: Challenging and trippy game ahead. Can't take the heat? Go Pro for Checkpoints or get out of Johnny's hot box!

Johnny No Pants: Weed Trek is a nostalgic parody platformer based on popular games and pop culture. You play as Johnny, a guy who had his pants stolen by the Nostalgia Cartel. While looking for his pants, he must battle his way across town against drug dealers to reach his favorite Pot Shops.

Johnny No Pants takes some of your favorite characters from the 80s, 90s, and even current day, and re-imagines them in an epic comedic parody game.


Main Menu:
Best = Leaderboards Button
Sound: On/Off = Hold 2 seconds to trigger alternate game music.

Level 1:
Jump at start location to grab first hidden mushroom in the game!


Johnny is your typical medical marijuana patient. He uses this amazing medicinal herb to cope with his ailments. Due to marijuana being illegal in the city of Hemptown, Johnny had to find alternate methods to receive his medicinal ganja. Enter Gario.

Gario is a very sketchy dealer that Johnny met through a friend of a friend. Not only is Gario not right in the head, he also has a nasty habit of trying to push other drugs on Johnny. Occasionally, Gario brings along one of his dealer friends to try and get Johnny to buy their drugs. Johnny is always telling them that he isn't interested.

Finally, the city of Hemptown legalized marijuana and opened up numerous Pot Shops throughout the town. This was Johnny's chance to escape the clutches of Gario, and purchase clean quality marijuana in a safe place. Johnny proceeded to get his med card, but this is when things take a turn for the worse.

Little did Johnny know that Gario and his friends are actually part of a nefarious gang of criminals, known as the Nostalgia Cartel. The Nostalgia Cartel was on a mission to take over Hemptown and bring down the Pot Shops. In order to do so, they needed the money that they got from customers like Johnny. Gario didn't take lightly to Johnny no longer buying from him so he went and spoke with the Cartel's leader. The leader devised a scheme to humiliate Johnny in order to force him and others into submission.

One day when Johnny was on his way home from the Pot Shop, he was jumped and knocked out. When he came to, he realized that they had stolen his pants! Johnny wasn't going to sit there and be a victim. Pants or no pants, he was going to take down the Nostalgia Cartel, it's leader, and get his pants back! Oh and of course, get some really good ganja from Pot Shops along the way.


There is an underlying message in the game for those who are interested in deeper meanings. A little bit of political satire if you will. If you read the Story above, maybe you can pick up on it. Essentially it gives a context for how the drug war and illegality of marijuana, for medicinal purposes or otherwise, only contributes to the erosion of society and the spread of all types of drugs. We as a society need to move past punishment of substance abuse and understand it for what it really is, an addiction. Then we can make positive changes to help people with addiction, rather than punish and destroy their lives.

The backstory for this game shows how keeping it illegal only forces people who use a non-harmful substance like marijuana for medicinal purposes, to interact with the criminal element in order to get the medication they need. By being exposed to dealers, this drastically increases the potential for them to come into contact with harmful illegal drugs.

Another aspect you may pick up on is how marijuana being illegal contributes to the growth of cartels and gangs. People being forced to purchase from illegal sources rather than a legal and taxable system, only contributes to the wealth and expansion of those cartels. When we can finally get past this absurd drug war, we can finally make changes that will end cartels through the destruction of their financial resources.
Johnny No Pants: Weed Trek 1.1 Update
2014-11-20 Version History
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51.7 MB
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Steven DeArmond
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