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Joy : Emotional State Tracking Description
A simple yet very powerful and effective app for tracking your emotional states. It could positively impact your overall physical and mental health. It helps you identify what bothers you and what makes you shine. You will be able to see a graphic of your condition and state of being.

• Why Emotion Tracking is Important •
Emotion tracking is an incredible way to monitor and measure how you feel and importantly, why you might feel that way. It’s also unique in that it provides everyday individuals with the chance to actively monitor their well-being and mental state throughout the day.

• So how exactly does emotion tracking work? •
In the simplest terms, emotion tracking is the ability to measure and gauge the emotional status across a period of time. By recording snapshots of your emotional state, you can provide insight for yourself, or others to analyze.
This emotional data can then be correlated and reported on to help you unpack the instances and circumstances that lead to distressing situations, or likewise, your happiest moments. Detecting how emotionally volatile you may be in certain situations can be a huge help in improving your mental health.

One of the oldest techniques associated with emotion tracking is journalling. Journal creation is a way to document your feelings and emotions. One of the most famous examples of using a daily journal was Benjamin Franklin.
Benjamin Franklin, known for being one of the founding fathers of the United States, used journaling to help track his emotions and feelings at the start of every day.

The app can help individuals better understand their mental health in a variety of ways. From helping people articulate which emotions they are feeling and enhancing their emotional literacy to helping people become more aware of their emotions and understanding how they can work to improve their well-being.

Emotion tracking helps to quantify our thoughts and feelings at any given time or day. And by taking a regular snapshot of your emotions, you’re able to build up a big picture to your emotional flow across a period of time.

Tracking your emotions helps you to identify what influences how you feel and in turn enables you to develop healthier habits. For example, if you see a trend that you always feel sad or drained at 4pm on a Tuesday, you can begin to interpret what’s triggering those emotions.

Cognitive control of your emotions can have a positive impact on your day to day activities, everything from how you deal with pressure and anxiety to your reaction to emotions of sadness and anger.

• Why It’s Good For Your Mental Health •
Why should we care about tracking and noticing our mood patterns? Well, because the way we feel impacts the way we think. And the way we think determines the actions we take, which in turn influences our experiences and ultimately, our feelings. This is a good example of how connected and cyclical our systems are.

Maintaining a positive mood ensures a balanced outlook and notably influences our well-being. On the other hand, being in a constant state of nervousness, where our feelings go up and down as a result of external stimuli, creates an imbalance that leads to ill-being.

A continued mood imbalance, in either the positive or negative outlook, leads to a lopsided view of the world. Rather than seeing reality as is, and making objective decisions based on available information, individuals focus on and pick up stimuli that support their dominant thoughts and emotions.

Having a mind that’s filled and occupied with ruminating negative thoughts and self-talk leads to aggression, hopelessness, and can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, as well as a slew of other mental illnesses.

This is why tracking one’s mood can be useful for those wishing to add more balance and objectivity to their lives.
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