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Just Walk is for the casual walker . It report the distance you walk by updating the app icon number . You open Just Walk only once. You set your target , close the app and terminate it. The icon number is updated with the percent of your target you still have to walk.

Just Walk is casual. It does not track you continuously for every step you make. Occasionally , quite frequently , it gets triggered and update the icon. It does so with a low frequency so it does not deplete your battery. An occasional urban walker who carries his iPhone during the day will get a fairly accurate estimate of the distance he covered whenever his eyes glance over the icon.

Walking is very healthy for you. It is also very natural. You don't really have to buy special dress and equipment in order to practice it. You must not even plan special time for it. All you have to do is to wear comfortable shoes and dress and try to integrate it into your daily life. If the distance to your next destination is not very high why take a car. Why not simply walk there. If you have a bus station right near you , and you have some extra minutes why not walk to the next station. Just for fun. Just for health. Just Walk encourage you do it . You open it only once to set a daily target for your walking distance and the app will then report percent of your target you still have to walk via the app icon . It will continue doing it each day . You don't have to open it , and you don't have to deal with sophisticated graphs and statistics .When you browse your iPhone the icon of the app with the updated percentage will be just there. If no number appears then you made your target.

You run Just Walk only once . You set your daily walking target and then close the app. You can even terminate it by swiping it out from your list of background apps. Once the target is set the app icon will always tell you the percentage of your daily target you still have to walk in order to meet it. The app is in terminated state in order to save battery power and it depends on external events to get triggered to update the icon. It does not give you an online accurate split of a second update. If you need this type of accuracy then you better purchase one of the many very good online fitness apps. If you feel that the percent displayed on the icon is not accurate you can always refresh it by using the refresh buttons in one of the notifications the app sometimes issue in the notifications centre or enter the app again and press Set.
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