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Katakana Game - JapaneseMEOW

Katakana Game - JapaneseMEOW

Keiko Boyko

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Katakana Game - JapaneseMEOW Description
◆ Introduction:

Throw away your flashcards - learning Katakana should be fun! With the JapaneseMEOW Katakana game, you can practice the syllabary by popping the correct balloons with your cute little kitty paws. Aww.

Let's face it - Katakana is more difficult to learn than Hiragana because you will have less exposure to it during your studies. The key to overcome this of course is with a lot of practice. This game will help you become a Katakana master while experiencing the scenic rush of Osaka, Japan. Did a mention there's a prize waiting for you at the top of the Osaka castle?

◆ How to play:

You will control a half cat, half fox creature named "Haru" with the left/right buttons on the sides of the screen. The game will start with a blue cloud on your screen, and will be marked with a romaji character. Romaji is the representation of Japanese kana using the western, 26-letter alphabet. Matching the romaji to the correct Katakana symbol is your job of course. Your success of landing on the right balloons will lift you further up into the sky and landing on the wrong ones will have dire consequences. If you can make it up to the top of the Osaka Castle, there's a rocket chair waiting for you to take you to the final destination. Buckle up!

◆ Features:
- Reminders of which Katakana you missed, and of course which one sent you to the ground.
- Randomized shuffling of the Katakana balloons after every restart.
- A FREE Skype lesson with a native Japanese speaker is given rewarded to those who pass the game.

Do not play this game if you afraid of heights, cute kittens or balloons.

Study and Print the Katakana Chart before playing the game at:

▶ "What is the difference between Hiragana and Katakana?"

Katakana represents the same sounds as Hiragana, but is used primarily for foreign names and words of foreign origin. If you are not Japanese, then chances are your name, home country and favorite local restaurant would be written in Katakana as well! It is also used as an onomatopoeia. For example, a Japanese “meow” is ニャン (“Nyan”). This sound, like it’s English version is an onomatopoeia and is usually spelled with Katakana. Any word that imitates a sound will often fall under this category as well, and I should let you know now that there are a lot of them in Japanese!

▶ "Who owns this app?"

Keiko is a certified Japanese Language Instructor from JapaneseMEOW and owns all of the rights to the Katakana Game.

We also made a kanji app that we are continuously developing! If you have any questions/suggestions, please drop us a line (keiko@japanesemeow.com).
Katakana Game - JapaneseMEOW 1.1 Update
2018-08-15 Version History
This version has more music tracks and better stability. Enjoy!
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Keiko Boyko
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