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Baltic Deco Planner

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Eskil Olsen
Jun 13, 2021
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About Baltic Deco Planner

Tool for planning staged decompression dives for technical divers.

Supports open circuit and closed circuit rebreathers, multi-level and repetitive dives, nitrox, trimix, altitude adjustments, metric and imperial measurements.

Keeps track of gas consumption, OTUs and CNS. Per dive configurable ascent/descent rates, last stop/stop interval settings and RMV/MOR. Any combination of OC and CCR planning is possible (CCR dives with OC levels/deco etc.).

One tap access to lost-gas, bailout, deeper & longer contingency profiles.

Constantly displays updated plan details as changes are made, and uses color highlighting to suggest best mixes.

Dive plans can be stored in a bookmark folder for convenient reuse. Plans can also be exported via email or pasted into any other app.

Features both VPM-B (based on Erik C. Bakers work) with configurable conservatism and ZHL16-B with configurable gradient factors for calculating decompression profiles. Also supports VPM-B/GFS.

Please see for more info, bug tracking and support.
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최신 버전 1.0.2의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Jun 13, 2021
오래된 버전
- Fixes dark mode
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Version History
Jun 13, 2021
- Fixes dark mode
Jun 5, 2021
- Minor updates for newer devices
Sep 19, 2017
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

- Updated UI
Apr 3, 2013
- Fixes ticket:65, surface interval not saved when changed.
Mar 18, 2013
- Fixes ticket:63, reordering levels does not work.
Nov 29, 2012
- Fixes crash on iOS 5.1 on iPad (ticket:56).
- Fixes removing deco/bailout gases not working (ticket:57)
- Adds note fields to dives and plans.
Nov 6, 2012
- iPhone5 and iOS6 compatibility.
- VPM-B/GFS support.
- Minor UI fixes.
Jan 24, 2012
- Fixes ticket:55, removing deco gas did not recompute profile.
- Improving contingency planning. In multilevel multigas OC dives, you can plan losing a levels gas. Also OC bailout for multilevel OC dives.
- Minor UI improvements.
Nov 19, 2011
* Fixed bailout planning for inverted profiles (ticket:51).
* Fixed emailing of plans with multiple levels (ticket:52).

* You can rearrange levels.
Oct 24, 2011
iOS 5.0 Fixes.
Aug 1, 2011
* Ticket 47, crashes when displaying CCR dive plan using heliox as diluent.
Jun 22, 2011
Fixes ticket 46, where changing the OC deco RMV wasn't handled correctly.
Jun 12, 2011

* Ticket 36, runtimes in landscape orientation showed arrival-time, not departure-time.
* Ticket 40, crashes when changing to metric/imperial on dive parameters.
* Ticket 41, plans with O2 percentages with .5s were not stored properly in bookmarks.
* Ticket 43, when first installed, default to local unit system.
* Ticket 44, reused last saved dive parameters for new dives.

Features easier table generation for deeper, longer and deeper & longer plans using the same tap and pick system as for bailout and lost glas. Tap a level in the profile and pick deeper, longer or deeper & longer and see the modified plan.
Oct 18, 2010
* SI interval pickable in more finegrained increments.
* Ticket 33: Exporting bad dive plans no longer crashes app.
* Ticket 34: Fixed saving current plan when backgrounding app on iOS 4.0.
* Fix for excessive deco computed for repetitive shallow no-deco dives in VPM/B. There was a bug in the algorithm implementation that caused deco times to be extremely conservative on repetitive dives.
Sep 17, 2010

Allow O2 in .5% increments when under 10%
Allows higher settings for ascent rates (use with caution)


Fix level next = end bug (see ticket:32)
UI fix: display right CCR gas at stops
UI fix: set the graphs tics right in the tissue pressure graphs
UI fix: minor cleanups to profile table cells
Aug 25, 2010

* Changed ZHL16B to use same water/other-gas pressure as VPM/B, causes plans to be slightly less conservative
* Raised max depth permitted to 400msw/1330fsw.
* Cleaned up showing Offgassing per user suggestions (ticket:26). Now shows offgas depth but highlights the first stop depth after offgas depth.
* Cleaned up HTML email plans
* Copy to pasteboard feature, lets you export the plan to the iPhone pasteboard and paste into emails/notes/anything.
* Option to invert plans per user suggestions
* Speed/stability improvements
* Minor UI changes/tweaks
* Discarding plans keeps altitude changes if there were dives, if not, discards altitude changes to, per user suggestions
* iOS 4.0 hires graphics
* Still works fine for iPhone 3G and 3.x users and speed/memory improvements for these make it faster on 3G and 3GS phones.


* Fix bug in altitude adjustments, ppO2 values in profile were shown as for sealevel and ZHL16/GF would compute wrong plans (too long, ala sealevel gauges)
* Fix bug in level editor where editing a level would show the wrong RT/DT
* Fixes occasionally missing ICD warnings in profile (see ticket:24)
* Fixes for lostgas/bailout UI
* Stability fixes
* Memory leaks fixes, much faster on iOS 3.x and older 3G/3GS phones
Dec 10, 2009
* No switching to deco gases until all levels are completed (see tickets 19 and 20).
* Fix to multilevel plans that got "cannot decompress" incorrectly.
* Depths in increments of 1msw/5fsw.
* Allow 0 minutes for level depth (to force gas switch).
Nov 5, 2009
New Features
* Tissue pressure graph.
* Speedups.
* Compute Time To Fly/Clear with configurable pressure/altitude for Time To Fly.
* END can be set to include O2/He.
* Plan multiple lost gases. Display lost gases in lost gas screen.
* Infinite combos of bailout/lost gases in lost gas screen.
* Do rolling deco by disabling ascent rate between stops.
* Align minutes by insert a <1 minute stop early.
* Warn when ambient pressure exceeds diluent ppO2

* Oddball dives that would show errors (VPM/B) now computed.
* Toolbar offset on main screen.
* Light attenuation in profile graph was off for imperial.
* Rearrange labels on main screen.
* Leak fixes that would slow down the app over time.
* Bug where a set switch depth for a deco gas wouldn't always be used (VPM/B).
* Bug in horizontal table view where depth would be shown in level time occasionally.
* Bug in bailout/lost gas display where horizontal table would show the original plan.
* Bug in gas consumption calc, that would lead to almost 2x gas consumption being shown.
Jul 8, 2009
- Bugfixes to zhl16 algorithm that prevented otherwise valid dives from being calculated.
- Bugfix for extremely big step sizes.
- Ability to reorder dives but keeping the SIs.
- Profile and inert gas pressure graph when turned left.
- Slim profile view when turned right.
- Configurable OC/CCR Setpoint/diluent switch times.
Apr 14, 2009
Mar 11, 2009
Feb 17, 2009
Feb 10, 2009

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