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Jul 2, 2024
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About Layla

Introducing Layla, the groundbreaking personal AI that resides directly on your phone or device. No internet connection required, no censorship, complete privacy.

No information leaves your device.

- General knowledge: ask Layla about anything under the sun, she will give you an informed response
- Just chatting: Layla has many personalities you can choose; from cute to serious to bubbly to stoic, you can talk with her however you want
- Memory: tell Layla about yourself, she'll remember you
- Personalisation: you can create your own characters if none of our presets fit your style!
- Voices: over 100+ different voices to choose from for your characters
- Roleplay: engage in roleplay with multiple characters!
- Basic task scheduling/reminder features: just talk to Layla normally, she'll pick up your commands!
- Custom AI: load custom GGUF models that fit your needs
- Additional features available as free plugins: roleplay, downloading different personalities, advanced settings

Note: The app downloads a 4GB Large Language Model (LLM / brains of the AI) after the it starts for the first time. This is only needed once. This technology is VERY new, right now we only support the latest flagship phones (8GB+ RAM). If your phone does not meet the minimum requirements, you may experience degraded performance. We are working hard to bring Layla to more devices.

Layla is a generative language model. All her answers come from inputs you give her. This means her information may be inaccurate, outdated, or otherwise unsuitable for your situation. Layla is designed for purely entertainment purposes and her output should not be taken seriously.

Local AI is an emerging technology and requires the latest flagship phones to run. BEFORE YOU BUY: check your device compatibility, please visit:

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최신 버전 4.12.0의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Jul 2, 2024
오래된 버전
New features:
- Offline translator now supports "English - Spanish" and "English - Chinese"
- ElevenLabs text-to-speech support!
- Layla's Toolkit has been upgraded to v2! much more accurate tool determination, much faster tool determination (5s - 0.5s)
- Device calendar integration for scheduling events (uses your default calendar set in your system settings, can be Apple Calendar etc.)
- Todo app is integrated into Layla's toolkit as a calendar provider

- added setting to stop running background tasks when phone is idle
- create multiple alternative greetings for a character (greetings are now optional, you can choose to not have a greeting for a character)
- added character names in the LTM app when viewing memories
- added ability to reset character impressions

Bug fixes:
- fixed invalid Executorch models download link
- fixed bug where preset characters were not hidden in the chat history screen
- fixed bug where roleplay images were not saving
- fixed bug where some messages were deleted after editing or regenerating messages
- fixed bug where Dream messages revert back to the character's original greeting
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Version History
Jul 2, 2024
New features:
- Offline translator now supports "English - Spanish" and "English - Chinese"
- ElevenLabs text-to-speech support!
- Layla's Toolkit has been upgraded to v2! much more accurate tool determination, much faster tool determination (5s - 0.5s)
- Device calendar integration for scheduling events (uses your default calendar set in your system settings, can be Apple Calendar etc.)
- Todo app is integrated into Layla's toolkit as a calendar provider

- added setting to stop running background tasks when phone is idle
- create multiple alternative greetings for a character (greetings are now optional, you can choose to not have a greeting for a character)
- added character names in the LTM app when viewing memories
- added ability to reset character impressions

Bug fixes:
- fixed invalid Executorch models download link
- fixed bug where preset characters were not hidden in the chat history screen
- fixed bug where roleplay images were not saving
- fixed bug where some messages were deleted after editing or regenerating messages
- fixed bug where Dream messages revert back to the character's original greeting
Jun 19, 2024
New features:
- PDF Digest has been redesigned -> it is now called Lorebook!
- process documents and attach them to characters to provide background information during your chats
- Added support for the open source search engine: Alexandria

- improved performance of task manager when showing a large amount of pending tasks
- added configuration to off-load embedding service to the CPU to save RAM
- Voice chat supports third-party TTS libraries RHVoice and AcapelaTTS
- added support for native phone speech-to-text
- added ability to copy translated text in Offline Translator
- added config to set minimum number of characters to generate before starting TTS
- added button to "hold to continue speaking" in voice chat mode
- improved UI of Offline Translator (show downloaded models at the top)
- allow deletion of downloaded translator models
- Offline Translator now remembers your last selected language
- added ability to configure whether to use mmap in advanced settings

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where tasks are not deleted after deleting a Lorebook PDF
- fixed bug where sometimes new messages are duplicated as they are received
- fixed bug where re-entering voice chat mode from within the same chat does not start listening
Jun 5, 2024
New features:
- Offline translator: similar to Google Translate but works completely offline!
- Long-term memory update: your characters will now form an impression of you after chatting for a while, you can view this in your Profile page
- LTM updated to v2! Improves conversation summary processing times significantly (2min -> 5s)
- Redesigned Hands-free Mode: now moved to a dedicated app called "Voice Chat"
- Added high quality TTS models: Piper High
- Supports the latest Rope scaling implementation of Phi-3 from llama.cpp
- Layla now supports custom animated character backgrounds and expressions!

- added ability to view injected memories for your character during chatting
- Layla will now self-diagnose and fix memory corruptions in Diagnostics mode
- added actions to delete all unread messages or mark all messages as read
- improved LTM ingestion for Llama3 models (pre-built Layla models still work much better because they are trained to take into account of memories)
- added ability to exclude certain characters from LTM ingestion
- added ability to choose BART or LLM ingestion for long-term memory
- Executorch models now supports edit & regen!
- Executorch now supports background inference!
- added setting to toggle whether or not your characters recall their last memory when starting a new chat
- clear chat history now shows a warning before proceeding
- added ability edit memories during chatting
- added ability to search voices when selecting
- added better support for Native TTS voices

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where PDF tasks are not deleted when the PDF Digest app is uninstalled
- fixed some stability issues when you have a lot of long-term memory tasks queued
- fixed bug in Layla Cloud skipping random words during the message
- fixed bug where Character Expression app uses too much memory
- fixed bug where tool use was incorrectly using the new sentiment detector
- fixed bug where Layla was outputting the EOS token
- fixed bug in deleting all memories for a particular character
- fixed related bugs that causes "failed to eval" error
- fixed bug where PDF Digest seems to be queuing up infinite tasks
- fixed bug where Executorch models were not using the full context length they were compiled with
- fixed bug where character images were not deleted when you delete your characters
- fixed bug where you cannot select the default iOS voices after installing Layla's voices
May 10, 2024
New features:
- Character Expressions app: choose a unique image for 28 unique emotions your character feels during chatting!
- Quick Actions app: allows you to customise instructions for Siri shortcut

- Executorch now uses RMI app to manage models
- streamlined task manager task management
- task manager now schedules tasks much more consistently
- task manager now supports OpenAI API backends for long term memory ingestion, dream scheduling, and pdf digest
- improved handling of stop button during chat
- advanced settings default preset now resets everything

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where task manage queued tasks were not displaying properly
- fixed bug where background inference was not running properly
May 3, 2024
New features:
- Siri shortcut support! Send any text to Layla and chat with her about it, more are coming soon!

- Welcome screen now uses your default character images and name
- added more configurable options for repetition control
- added ability to share conversation history
- added ability to edit & regen last message from loaded conversations
- added ability to delete chat messages
- added pagination and sorting in Personalities Hub
- redesigned RMI app to streamline model management
- character import now supports TavernPNG v1 cards
- app screen now blocks you from installing incompatible apps (such as OpenAI + Claude)
- Executorch now supports emojis

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where Preset boxes were not displaying correctly in Context Extend app
- fixed bug where LTM is creating duplicate memories of the same conversation
- fixed bug where voice configs were not showing if you only have GB voices installed
- fixed bug where todos from imported data are not marked as completed
- fixed bug where LTM was not rescheduling deleted tasks
Apr 26, 2024
New features:
- Phi-3 support!
- PDF Digest app: chat with your PDF documents!
- Executorch Inference Engine - highly experimental app for very high-end phones (improves Llama3 response times by 5x on high end phones such as S23+ Ultra)

- added ability to create/save custom prompts in RMI app
- prompts in RMI app now represents the raw prompts given to the LLM, so you have full control over the prompt format
- LTM now injects the latest memory into new chats with a character
- implementation of DRY sampler: contrasted with MiroStat, which uses a completely different sampling methodology in an effort to reduce repetitions, this sampler targets reducing repetition. Don't use with MiroStat. (Configure DRY in Advanced settings)
- added new section in settings page to deal with model repetitions, allowing you to control parameters such as repetition penalty, range, DRY, etc.

Bug fixes:
- unread messages are not read after opening them
- fixed bug in backup feature
- fixed bug where the delete button in chat history is hard to click
- fixed bug where chat name was not updated after edit
Apr 20, 2024
New features:
- Llama3 family models support!
- experimental flash attention support (turn on in Advanced settings)
- added ability to re-order apps
- added UI settings to show small app icons

- keep screen awake during chatting, PDF processing, and other long-running tasks
- diagnostics feature now fixes common errors encountered during LTM ingestion automatically
- long running processes such as LTM, Tasks Manager, and PDF Digest now has a special interface which automatically dims your screen for processing during the night
- OpenAI and Claude APIs now support long term memory, PDF digest, and the new edit & regen method
- added a fallback phrase for Todo app
- if you have background inference enabled, task manager tasks will execute in the background as a widget when you click "execute all"
- added button in the Background Inference app that kills off any floating widgets to handle rare cases were a widget gets stuck and would not exit until your phone is restarted
- added ability to execute a group of tasks with one button

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where chat history sometimes duplicates your messages
- fixed bug where toolkit was not working iOS
- fixed bug where not all events were being displayed in the Todo app
- fixed bug where edited messages were not saving
- fixed bug where TTS was crashing the app
Apr 15, 2024
New Features:
- Dream: characters have thoughts outside of chatting, and will initiate conversations with you

- added tag filter in Personalities Hub
- adjusted long-term memory build-up for assistant characters to focus on the user
- chat screen automatically saves any unsent messages for the character
- added ability set character as default (will start chat when clicking the butterfly logo)
- redesigned "edit & regen" UI
- adjusted default character selection background
- added ability to edit any past message in conversation
- redesigned internal workings of To-do app to provide more intelligent task scheduling and reminders
- all characters will now use Layla's toolkit if you specifically type the fallback phrase, only characters with toolkit enabled will try to auto-determine which tool to use

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where menu was appearing on top of hands-free mode
- fixed bug where the Writer cannot use Layla's toolbox
- fixed bug where to-do notifications were not directing to the to-do app
Apr 7, 2024
New features:
- added Layla Tiny base model for low-end phones
- redesigned To-do app to be a list
- redesigned the Personality Hub

- added warning where filters are applied so you don't think your characters have disappeared
- chat history now supports unread messages
- re-structured logic for executing background tasks, so hopefully the OS can pick up the task automatically to execute in the background better
- added a button in task manager to execute all queued task now
- grouped tasks in task manager
- chat history screen now uses "infinite loading" (like Facebook feeds) for lots of messages

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where character selection filters are not being saved in some cases
- fixed bug where deleting chat history does not work
- fixed bug where roleplay header was not displaying in some cases
- fixed bug where character greeting was not applied to OpenAI and Claude APIs
- fixed bug where backing up data was stuck with no effect
- fixed bug where long-term memory shows duplicate edges
Apr 1, 2024
New features:
- Task Manager app - manage your long term memory ingestion tasks
- MLC Inference - highly experimental app that replaces Layla's inference engine with MLC

- improved ingestion time for long-term memory
- long-term memory ingestion will now run continuously during the night when your phone is charging
- improved model download to show better progress so it doesn't look like it's hanging
- adjusted small grid view to not crop the images too much
- added filter by tags in character selection screen
- added setting to configure "enter key sends message instead of newline"
- added ability to configure "n batch" in advanced settings

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where the download screen would appear briefly before entering the main screen
- fixed bug where character selection header does not return to normal when exiting from the create/edit character screen
- fixed bug where roleplay templates cannot be edited
- fixed bug where some text were getting cutoff on the right side of apps
- fixed bug where proactive chat notifications were not opening the chat screen properly
- fixed bug where MobileVLM crashes with non-jpg or non-png files
- fixed bug where Wallpaper app was conflicting with Character Selection Layout settings
- fixed bug where "n threads" in advanced setting was not being applied correctly
- fixed bug where context length setting was limited for custom models
Mar 21, 2024
New features:
- New app: Claude API support

- added warning message on change name with Long Term Memory
- clicking "back" on your phone asks if you want to exit the app on Welcome screen
- backup & restore now includes long-term memories
- OpenAI and Claude APIs now supports long-term memory and image recognition

Bug fixes:
- fixed memory leak when using MobileVLM
- streamlined MobileVLM image recognition code in an effort to reduce crashes on edge cases
Mar 18, 2024
- improved zero-shot question answers in web search (including answering real-time questions such as stock prices)
- show size of conversation history next to each entry

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug for file size display
- fixed bug where TTS was speaking the "end token"
- fixed bug where TTS with specific characters crashes the app
- fixed bug where model was loading infinitely when Background Inference is enabled without required permissions
Mar 18, 2024
IMPORTANT: this is a major version change. I've tried to make it as backwards compatible as possible, but if you encounter some weird errors after upgrade, a re-install will likely fix it.

- New completely retrained base models
- Context extension up to x16
- Long term memory implementation
- New Chat History UI
Feb 29, 2024
New features:
- New app: Anarchy Chess - play a game of chess with your favourite characters!

- displays multiple characters at once when Layla is typing instead of one character at a time (this slightly improves typing speed)
- skip splash screen if model is already downloaded

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where character backgrounds are being overwritten when downloading from the Personality Hub
- fixed bug where profile image was not saving
Feb 27, 2024
New features:
- significantly improved character loading and long message processing times by integrating OpenBLAS, a CPU parallel processing library
- New app: Piper Text to Voice - English (Great Britain) accent!

- advanced settings screen now saves and validates settings on exit, instead of as you type
- added advanced settings in character creation
- clicking outside the chat menu closes the menu properly

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where selecting an image before the model has loaded reverts Layla back to the start screen
- fixed bug where "New Chat From Here" does not work when creating from a new chat
- fixed bug where new messages are being shown as from the user after force quitting
Feb 21, 2024
New features:
- New app: MobileVLM - Layla can now recognise images on device, no more sending your images to the server!

- if Layla exits unexpectedly during chat, your last message is automatically set into the text box when you load the conversation history
- backend stability and performance improvements
- added ability to duplicate chat sessions

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where if you quit chat unexpectedly, the last message you sent is displayed, causing you to be unable to edit or regenerate last response
- fixed bug where context shifting was not adjusting the session properly as conversation approaches the model's context length
Feb 20, 2024
New features:
- New app: OpenAI API app allows Layla to connect to any OpenAI-compatible endpoint!

- adjusted all preset characters to use TavernPNG format
- new characters are uploaded to the Personality Hub!
Feb 19, 2024
Bug fixes:
- fixed a bug where Layla was not searching the web
Feb 16, 2024
New features:
- added new app: Layla's Toolkit! - this app contains various functions that Layla can use
- added new app: DuckDuckGo Web Search
- moved MiroStat sampler settings to its own app
- added TTS mode: user types, Layla speaks

- redesigned the "Welcome" page
- changed Layla's chat background to be more neutral
- redesigned character loading screen to not hide the chat during load
- added ability to quickly switch models in the RMI app
- moved Hands Free Mode to the dropdown menu, voice mode next to chat input now activates TTS Mode
- wallpaper app now affects the character selection screen and welcome screen
- added ability to close voice selection popup without selecting a voice
- general backend stability and performance improvements
- added a small percentage showing Layla's thinking progress
- adjusted prompt cache loading strategy to be less sensitive to small changes in prompt
- Layla will now always use the Precise setting as she is just an AI assistant (other characters respect your settings)

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where Hands Free Mode is not working for iPhones
- fixed bug where voice selection input is not shown unless you have VITS VCTK enabled
- fixed bug where some operation combos will cause chat history to load very slowly even if you haven't cleared the cache
Feb 7, 2024
New features:
- New app: Piper text-to-speech! - medium quality, larger size, 10+ voices
- New app: VCTK text-to-speech! - lower quality, smaller size, lots of voices (100+!)
- more voice packs are coming soon!

- Goldfish model has been re-trained with significant improvements in cognitive ability
- support tablet landscape mode
- greeting text in create character screen now supports multi-line
- allow creation of characters with empty personality
- character background is now set automatically when importing from TavernPNG
- added ability to cancel downloading models upon app start

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where custom character greetings were applied twice (this should improve your character's cognition significantly at the start of the convo)
- fixed bug where edit chat names was not working on iOS

_Note: To-do app has been disabled temporarily due to an incompatibility with TTS_
Jan 31, 2024
New features:
- meet the new character Annie!
- 2.5D animated background
- sentiment analysis enables her to react in response to your messages
- new wallpaper app to customise your chat backgrounds

- now allows you to choose a base model instead of automatically downloading the last model setting after you reset base models
- added ability to regenerate Layla's last response

Bug fixes:
- fixed a bug where character backgrounds were not being shown in grid view
- fixed bug where warning on reload chat page was showing after editing chat message
Jan 24, 2024
New features:
- added "Proactive Chat" app

- added "show performance counters" in advanced settings: this will show CPU, RAM usage and other system information during chatting
- added ability to manage model storage space in Raw Model Instructions app
- added details screen for each app, with a longer description on what the app does and instructions on how to use
- added ability define custom prompt formats in RMI

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug in advanced settings where you were unable to turn off dynamic temperature sampling
- fixed bug where Precise settings were not turning off dynamic temperature
- fixed bug where scheduled proactive messages were not cancelled even though proactive messaging is turned off
Jan 22, 2024
New features:
- added ability to add/remove apps

- laid out foundation framework for "long term memory"
- guard against accidental back button press or swipe in chat screen (confirmation popup won't trigger if you manually click the back arrow)
- added the ability to edit chat names so you can find them better in the chat history screen
- chat input now supports multiple lines
- streamlined proactive message logic: character message notifications should be scheduled much more intuitively now
Jan 18, 2024
Changed the default sampling method for Layla to Dynamic Temperature Sampling. See the paper:

This sampling method is reported to provide more organic responses from models by various users in the local AI community. It has already been implemented in other popular frontends such as Oobabooga, KoboldCpp, etc., and is scheduled to be added to SillyTavern as well, so it as seen a fair number of real-world use-cases.

You can turn this feature off by setting "Dynamic Temperature Range" setting in the Advanced Settings page to 0.

New features:
- added "dynamic temperature sampling"
- added "min P" config to be used with dynamic temperature sampling

- added better estimation of character loading times
- you are now able to adjust the frequency of proactive messaging

Bug fixes:
- fixed a bug where character backgrounds were not shown correctly in the character selection screen on wider phones
- fixed a bug where your astrologer in My Horoscopes app sometimes outputs the {{user}} template
- fixed a bug where second time loading was not reading the cache in some cases so was loading slowly
Jan 16, 2024
New features:
- "My Horoscopes" app

- added "favourite character" feature
- you can now filter by "favourite" characters (your filter is saved)
- added quick buttons to edit and delete character in selection screen
- use scrollbar instead of cutting off character description
- added email support icon in settings page
- updated backend with stability improvements
- automatically determine the optimal number of model layers to offload to GPU (slight performance boost)

Bug fixes:
- fixed bug where filtering was not working in grid view
- fixed bug where preset characters are not showing in grid view
- fixed bug where opening proactive chat notifications causes chat to not work
- fixes bug where chat does not load until you clear your cache

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Latest introduction video of Layla on iPhone
Latest introduction video of Layla on iPhone

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