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MediMath Medical Calculator

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MediMath Medical Calculator 스크린 샷
MediMath Medical Calculator 포스터MediMath Medical Calculator 포스터MediMath Medical Calculator 포스터MediMath Medical Calculator 포스터MediMath Medical Calculator 포스터
MediMath Medical Calculator 포스터MediMath Medical Calculator 포스터MediMath Medical Calculator 포스터MediMath Medical Calculator 포스터

About MediMath Medical Calculator

MediMath puts 144 of the most important medical calculators and scoring tools on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Its fast, native interface and comprehensive results help you spend less time crunching numbers and more time caring for patients.

What makes MediMath the best?

• Streamlining. Enter values and units (US or SI), for each item in each calculator, without tapping through multiple screens and prompts. Tap Next and Previous to go between fields. Multiple-value choices pop over in-place on the iPad.
• Calculator selection: quality AND quantity.
• Multiresult. Where applicable, MediMath will give you multiple useful results. For example, risk scores also show a percent mortality result.

Other features:

• 139 calculators and scoring devices
• Categories, Search, Favorites, and Recents let you find what you want, fast
• Double-tap to add to favorites
• Additional information, including equations, helpful hints, and references, for each
• Multimedia: for example, the NIH Stroke Score includes the necessary pictures
• Always returns to where you left off

MediMath sports:
• A-a Oxygen Gradient
• Abbreviated Mental Test Score
• ABCD² Restroke Risk
• Absolute Neutrophils
• Acid-Base Interpretation
• Alvarado Score
• Anion Gap (Serum, Urine)
• Aortic Valve Area (Continuity, Gorlin)
• ATP III Cholesterol Guidelines (for in-depth coverage, see the "ATP3 Lipids" app)
• Apache II
• APGAR Score
• Arterial Oxygen Content
• Barthel's ADL Index
• Basal Energy Expenditure
• Bayesian calculators
• Bishop Score
• Blatchford UGI Bleeding Risk
• BMI for Age (Pediatric BMI)
• Body Surface Area (4 Calculators)
• Boston Heart Failure
• Burn Fluid Requirements (Parkland)
• Cardiac Output
• CHADS Score (AFib Stroke Risk)
• Charlson Comorbidity Index
• Change in Serum Sodium (IV Fluids)
• Child-Pugh
• CHIP (CT in Head Injury Patient) Rule
• Corrected CSF WBCs for RBCs, QT, Serum Calcium, Phenytoin, Serum Sodium calculators
• Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft-Gault, Measured)
• CURB-65 Pneumonia Mortality
• Dermatomes
• Duke Treadmill Score
• Fibromyalgia
• Fraction Excretion of Sodium (FeNA)
• Framingham Cardiac Risk
• GFR (MDRD, Wright, Cockcroft-Gault, Salazar-Corcoran, CPK-EPI)
• Glasgow Coma Scale
• Hepatitis Discriminant
• Ideal Body Weight
• Intracranial Hemorrhage Volume and Mortality calculator (ABC/2 method)
• Kt/V (Daugirdas formula)
• Maintenance Fluids
• Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
• MELD & PELD Scores
• NIH Stroke Scale
• Opioid Converter
• Osmolal Gap (Stool)
• Osmolality (Serum)
• Ottawa Ankle/Foot Rules
• Oxygenation Index
• Peak Flow (Predicted)
• Perioperative Cardiac Risk
• PORT (Pneumonia Severity Index)
• Pregnancy Wheel
• Ranson's Criteria (Pancreatitis Mortality)
• Reticulocyte Index
• SIRS Criteria
• Sodium Deficit
• Steroid Equivalency Converter
• Target Heart Rate
• Transtubular Potassium Gradient
• Umbilical Line Placement
• Unit conversion
• Water Deficit
• Wells' Criteria (DVT & PE)
• Winter's Formula

** AND MANY MORE! See for the complete list and more screenshots. **

Dosing calculators include drug loading and saving.

Please contact us if you have questions or calculator requests! MediMath will be updated regularly with new features and more equations.
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최신 버전 5.2의 새로운 기능

Last updated on Jan 30, 2020
오래된 버전
Added support for Dark Mode.
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Version History
Jan 30, 2020
Added support for Dark Mode.
Sep 16, 2019
- Updated for iOS 13+ and iPhone X+.
- Fixed a bug which prevented returning to the last used calculation when restarting the app
Jun 13, 2016
Minor interface-related bug fixes
Dec 22, 2015
• Fixed a bug in the Pulmonary Embolism risk stratification calculator (Thanks to Dr. Shad Williams for reporting the issue)
• Added native resolution support for iPhone 6, 6+, 6S, and 6S+
• Minor other fixes
Jan 9, 2014
Updated for iOS 7
Dec 14, 2012
Extensive updates to the Italian translation courtesy of Dr. Luca Rossi.
Nov 12, 2012
Improvements to the numeric keypad appearance
Sep 30, 2012
* MediMath now requires iOS 5.0 or later *
• Added support for iPhone 5
• Fixes for iOS 6
• Fixed 'Words to Name (Dysarthria)' in NIH Stroke Scale
Mar 26, 2012
Updated for iPad 3 Retina Display
Dec 8, 2011
[New Calculator]
• Added Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index

• Added support for displaying the Average Glucose from HbA1c result in SI units
• Added support for displaying the Adjusted Serum Calcium result in SI units

• Fixed rotation to landscape orientation on the iPad, which was accidentally disabled in the previous version
Nov 22, 2011
Fixed display of the CRUSADE calculator
Oct 28, 2011
Version 4.0.1: Fixed Favorites, which did not work properly in version 4.0

Version 4.0:
[New Calculators]
• Added CRUSADE calculator
• Added Contrast Induced Nephropathy risk calculator
• Added PERC rule
• Added GRACE ACS risk model

• Greatly improved search interface
• Numerous minor UI improvements
Oct 26, 2011
** 'Favorites' has a bug in MediMath 4.0. A new update fixing the bug, version 4.0.1, was submitted to Apple 10/27/11. If you use Favorites, we suggest you wait for 4.0.1 to be approved before updating! Sorry for the temporary inconvenience! **

[New Calculators]
• Added CRUSADE calculator
• Added Contrast Induced Nephropathy risk calculator
• Added PERC rule
• Added GRACE ACS risk model

• Greatly improved search interface
• Numerous minor UI improvements
Jan 21, 2011
• Improved display of certain therapeutic recommendations
• Other interface improvements
Nov 16, 2010
• Added the Mifflin-St. Jeor Basal Energy Expenditure (Basal Metabolic Rate) equation and expanded the Info for the Basal Energy Expenditure calculator

• Fixed a scoring bug with the Child-Pugh score in which the grades of encephalitis were not assigned the correct number of points

• New icon (in compliance with a trademark-related request by the American Red Cross)
Sep 16, 2010
Fixed Apache II mortality estimate calculation
Aug 23, 2010
• Fixed a visual glitch when running on an iPhone
Jul 13, 2010
• iOS 4.0 Compatible
• Optimized for iPhone 4 Retina Display
Jun 19, 2010
[10 New Calculators]
• Centor criteria (adults)
• Modified centor criteria (adults & children)
• CRB65
• Edinburgh Post-Natal Depression Score
• International Prostate Symptom Score
• Ottawa Ankle & Foot rules
• Ottawa Knee rules
• Alvarado appendicitis score, modified
• Nottingham eczema severity score
• CAGE Alcohol Questionnaire

• Added ABCD2 score clinical recommendations
• Added CHADS2 score clinical recommendations
• Added CURB65 score clinical recommendations
• Added Wells DVT score clinical recommendations
• Expanded CHADS2 reference info
• Expanded CURB65/CRB65 reference info
• Expanded Fibromyalgia diagnosis reference info
• Added ‘Pregnancy Calculator’ as a synonym to ‘OB Wheel’ in the calculators list
• Various calculator interface improvements
• Improved discoverability of several calculators via search
May 18, 2010
• Added calculation of the Cockcroft-Gault Creatinine Clearance by Ideal Body Weight to the Cockcroft-Gault Creatinine Clearance calculator
• Fixed a bug in the Positive Likelihood Ratio and Negative Likelihood Ratio calculations within the Bayesian Analysis calculator
Apr 23, 2010
• Fixed a crash on the iPad within the Opioid Conversion calculator
Apr 7, 2010
• Now universal for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, with a beautiful iPad-optimized interface!
• Fixed display of the Paramedic category

MediMath for iPhone/iPod Touch now requires the 3.x OS.
Feb 23, 2010
• Added Fractional Excretion of Urea calculator
• Fixed units in Urine Sodium in the FeNa calculator
 • Fixed a bug in which search results could appear multiple times
• Fixed display of results in certain acid-base disorders in the Acid Base calculator
• Various interface improvements
Sep 22, 2009
• The calculator list now shows explanations for each calculator’s significance where this might not be obvious
• Interface enhancements to improve readability throughout the calculators
• Other interface enhancements
• Fixed appearance of the Base Deficit item in Ranson’s Criteria
• Fixed display of the Blatchford Upper GI score’s explanation
 • Fixed a display issue in the Alvarado Acute Appendicitis Score
• Formatting improvements to some clinical references
Jun 4, 2009
• MediMath is now fully iPhone 3.0 compatible
• Fixed a crash which could occur when changing the OB Wheel input type
• Fixed a crash which occurred rarely when loading certain calculators

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