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lapp++ updated for iOS 11.2.5!

The lapp++ counter is an app that uses Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons to count laps for runners or walkers. **A BEACON IS NEEDED FOR THE APP TO WORK** Beacons can be purchased privately and can be used wherever you workout. If you purchase beacons privately, program them to broadcast a UUID of "B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D". This identifier is known as a generic Estimote Beacon UUID. Check with your local gym/recreation center to see if they already utilize BLE Beacon technology in their facility.

To use the lapp++ Indoor Lap Counter, simply start the app and choose a facility from the table. After choosing a facility, the user is taken to the main screen.

The main screen (with shell) will automatically set the stepper value to known facility laps per mile. The user can change this at any time by pressing the + or - buttons on the stepper. The stepper is used for sound notifications so the user can know where they are at in their workout without checking device.

The Settings menu has many options for users. The user can turn off or customize what sound notifications they receive. There is a reverse counter for those who prefer to count down instead of up. Also, the menu contains a "Keep the screen on" feature for those who utilize the tap count.

To use the timer, just press once and the clock will turn green and start counting. Double tap to reset the clock.

Across from the timer, a message will appear to notify the user if a lap has been counted (indicated by "Counted") and that it is ready to count the next lap (indicated by "Ready"). This can help the user understand where the app is in its lap counting ability.

The "Reset" button will reset the count to zero.

When the screen is locked, local notifications can be seen from the lock screen. After approximately 30 seconds of being outside of the beacon's detectable signal, a notification and sound will occur to let the user know they are outside of the beacon's "region." This is a good notification to have in order to help a user troubleshoot if the app does not count when passing the beacon. If the user does not receive the "Out of Region" sound notification, the user can then know that they did not leave the region and the app cannot count a new lap. If this occurs, ask the owner to lower the size of the beacon's broadcasting range. This will give the device more time to discover that it was outside of the region. If the user owns the beacon, login to the device and make the adjustments.

Bluetooth scanning has limitations and consistent receipt of notifications is not guaranteed. For instance, crowded facilities (lots of people running/walking on the track) can block signals from being received. A direct line of sight to the beacon gives the user the best chance of signal reception. Beacon signal settings (region size and advertising intervals), that may not be in your control, can also effect signal receipt. If a signal is missed, the user can stop and wait in the region of the beacon or tap the number (in the turtle shell) to increment the count.
lapp++ 3.14 Update
2018-02-25 Version History
Facility names updated plus a minor bug fix that affected users who manually enter beacon number.
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23.6 MB
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Jessica Berlekamp
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