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Levcalc Description
Levcalc is now on sale for a few days for Black Friday and it is one of the most powerful symbolic calculators available.
It puts a full Computer Algebra System (CAS) at your fingertips.
You will be able to perform calculations as with any basic or scientific calculator but once you start using
it's CAS features the world of science will open up to you.
Thanks to it's easy to use Math entry system you will be able to enter any math expression you desire, using variables and symbols.
Symbolic calculations let you get exact results throughout the problem and if you decide to get an approximation,
the unlimited precision engine will provide you with a result containing as many digits as needed.
i.e. Solving x^2 - 2 = 0 by pressing solve(x^2-2) and hitting the = key will result in [-√(2), √(2)]
Approximating the square root of 2 to 50 digits by pressing √(2) and hitting the = key will immediately result in `1.4142135623730950488016887242096980785696718753769` .
You can even solve degree 4 polynomials, solving x^4 + 2×x^3 - 13×x^2 - 14×x + 24 by pressing solve(x^4 + 2×x^3 - 13×x^2 - 14×x + 24) and hitting the = key will get you all four roots instantaneously: [-3, -1, 2, 4]
Here are some of the symbolic or explicit operations you can apply to it:
+ Symbolic calculation
+ Factorization
+ Expansion
+ Finding it's roots
+ Solving linear systems
+ Derivation
+ Integration
+ Finding it's limits
+ Performing Series Expansion

Levcalc can be used from middle school to college, it can be used in at hny scientific domain, here are some examples:
+ Polynomial calculus: solve any polynomial up to degree 4.
+ Electrical engineering, it can work with complex numbers
+ Trigonometry, and algebra it has unlimited precision, you can quickly see the first 1000 digits of π just type: π,1000
+ Equation solving, numerically or symbolically

Do not forget to click on the = key to perform the calculation!

levcalc is an evolving platform: many more field related packs, including new keyboards, functions and recipes are forthcoming.
levcalc's social platform, in which to share your recipes and ask questions is also coming soon.
Please rate levcalc on the Appstore, we will be deeply grateful.

*[CAS]: Computer Algebra System
Levcalc 1.2 Update
2018-11-25 Version History
60% off for Black Friday!
New handling of fractions.
Faster performance.
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256.8 MB
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