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Life Effect Description
Welcome to the world of “Life Effect” - the life changing App!

Have you ever;
Missed a meeting?
Forgot to do something?
Felt like a “rabbit in the headlights”?
Felt upset and disappointed in yourself as a result?
Do you;
Feel swamped by all that is going on?

Let “Life Effect” help you carry the burden, get things done and make you feel great! Ultimate Happiness!
Time is your most valuable commodity:
It’s a fact - life is now 365/24/ 7 - always on - phones, emails, text, social media all demanding our attention, immediate responses and our home and work lives are ever more blurred.
The mental information overload is outpacing evolution and our brains are being left behind.
We feel stressed, unreliable and, ultimately, unhappy.

Time is your most valuable commodity:
We need to find the best way to use it, to get things done, to organise our hectic lives with less fuss and create certainty.
Its simple; if we do, we will be more in control and, ultimately, happier.

Our research has led us to bring Physiology, Psychology, Sociology, Technology and common sense all together in “Life Effect”
By understanding how the brain works, the emotional impact of breaking agreements, the societal pressures of modern life and the latest App technology, “Life Effect” gives you a friend, a helping hand and a method to organise your life that really works!
Gone are the days of long, dysfunctional ‘To Do Lists’ and your failure to action them.

Welcome to the world of “Life Effect”, where it all becomes clearer, leading to your “Ultimate Happiness”! …

The Psychology
“Oh no, I’ve just remembered”! , Aargh, sorry, I forgot”! We are judged by our actions, not our intentions. How do you “feel” when you let somebody else down, or forget to do something? Annoyed? Frustrated? Disappointed? Regretful? This is because you have broken an “agreement” either with yourself or others.
Each time you break the agreement, or remember a forgotten agreement, the emotions of guilt and anger impact your feeling of self-worth - you feel “bad” about yourself.
A downward spiral of discontent consumes you! You don’t feel good about yourself, and that impacts your ongoing interactions with the world around you.
“Life Effect” removes this guilt

The Physiology Excuse me, but my brain is full”! The computer was modelled on the human brain; there is a “hard drive” store and a “random access” processing and short term storage. The Hard Drive is much bigger than the RAM. They also equate to our “conscious” and “sub-conscious” brains. Every task that needs to be consciously “remembered” clogs up your RAM and your processing power becomes slower and slower. Eventually, you freeze as it cannot cope anymore. And no you don’t and can’t segregate work, home and personal life.
You need to empty your brain of all these incomplete tasks and thoughts, order them logically in a manner aligned to your life and how your human mind operates, to clear the fog and be able to function effectively.
“Life Effect” relieves the pressure

Discipline & Belief You cannot fool your own sub-conscious. The system you create must work for you at a conscious and sub-conscious level. Your brain must “believe” that what it has just let go will be dealt with, otherwise, it won’t let go!! You must be disciplined in your approach to using your system. “Life Effect” has been designed to help you with undertaking that required brain dump, systematically ordering those required actions and scheduling reminders and tracking progress to suit you. You’ll be effective in deploying your most valuable commodity, time!
“Life Effect” allows you to “let go” knowing that all you activities are safe in “Life Effect” and synchronised to your personal, private cloud “Life Effect” server

Benefits for you and those around you are too many to list here and accumulate over time. The more you engage with Life Effect, the greater the benefit, psychologically, physiologically, socially and in performance.
Life Effect 1.0.11 Update
2016-12-01 Version History
* Various bug fixes
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