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Lonely Sun - Be Gravity's Guiding Hand

Lonely Sun - Be Gravity's Guiding Hand

Nikolay Mihaylov

2.3 for iPhone

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Lonely Sun - Be Gravity's Guiding Hand Description
"If you've always wanted to control gravity this new app might appeal to you."
- Mashable

"Hands down and without question, Lonely Sun is a minimalist-inspired beauty of a game."
- 9/10 | GameSkinny

"Even just loading Lonely Sun leaves you with a good feeling. It’s just so pretty."
- 7.5/10 | Orange Bison

"A Blindingly Great Experience"
- 4.5/5 | iFanzine

"This game helps make you feel like you do have a bit of control of your life. It helps put things in perspective and slows your world down to pace that helps you relax."
- 8.5/10 | AlphaDigits

"It blatantly defies categorization, as is evident in its entirety as a game."
- 5/5 | iPhone Apps Review Online

"...the difficulty of Lonely Sun serves to make a point, and the entire game is about the journey and the struggle towards completion."
- IndieHangover

"...it’s hard not to recommend a game that costs as much as a soda, but be warned, that price goes up if you end up smashing your screen."
- 4/5 | Hey Poor Player

"If you're into minimalism, you'll like the looks and sound, and if you're into physics games that rely on skill and precision more than puzzles, you'll love the gameplay."
- 9/10 | KeenGamer

"LONELY SUN is an immensely good looking platformer game..."
- A Rank | Edamame Reviews

"It’s games like Lonely Sun that make games apps able to compete with other handheld devices and platforms."
- Fan Appic

"... if you like a healthy dollop of challenge, garnished with delicious sound design and served on a warm plate of top notch design."
- SnappZilla

"If you are looking for something gorgeous with a simple premise that promises you some difficulty, this space themed app is absolutely for you."
- 90% | The Smartphone App Review



Imagine in the cold, lonely depths of space there’s a sun waiting for the mysterious forces of the cosmos to bring it a solar system. In the new mobile game, Lonely Sun, you have that celestial power of planetary genesis. In fact, you are the guiding hand of gravity. All that stands between you and the fulfillment of a distant sun’s destiny are five unique levels – one for each of the five planets. Every world (Nuriona, Ametho, Neryssa, Isoley and Siroccee) has its own strange landscapes, distinct dangers, and gravitational forces to surmount on your way to building a complete star system.

As a fledgling planet, your main goal is to guide it carefully through the dark recesses of space, collect planet cores from all level stages to gradually grow large enough to orbit the lonely sun at the center of the solar system. However, the odds of new worlds coalescing in the cold danger of space are slim and take time. Be sure to avoid anything that appears dangerous or threatening.



Lonely Sun was initially imagined as a metaphor for life, a simplified version of life’s complicated nature, tribulations and hurdles.

Overcoming dangers, navigating through strange worlds, remembering what you’ve gone through, learning as you go… all these are meant to make you resilient. The inevitable nature of failure gives you two choices: pick yourself up and try again or let the memory of your existence fade away.

Accomplishing goals takes time. The cosmic powers of planetary genesis that create the vastness and mystery of space follow the same rules: patience. Patience is the key to creating something beautiful, something worth living for.

There are no checkpoints in Lonely Sun, but does life have checkpoints?



• Low poly design
• Rich and thematically-appropriate colour schemes
• Typography-driven minimal interface
• Side scrolling / platform game mechanic
• Simple story premise
• Easy to learn, difficult to master gameplay
• Custom atmospheric/ambient music and sound effects
• No ads or in-app purchases
• Optimal gameplay experience is achieved on iPhone 6 and up
• Requires iOS 9.1 or later
• Proudly designed and developed in Canada
Lonely Sun - Be Gravity's Guiding Hand 2.3 Update
2017-06-19 Version History
- Performance & gameplay improvements
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111.1 MB
Update Date:
Nikolay Mihaylov
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