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Lucidity - Lucid Dreaming Description
Explore a life of endless possibilities!

The average person sleeps about 8 hours a night. Why sleep through your dreams when you can consciously control them? Lucid Dreaming allows you to live a new life of your choice - no rules, no physics, no limitations! Unlock the pure power of your mind every night. If you can think it, you can dream it!

A lucid dream is when you realize that you are dreaming, giving you a level of consciousness that allows you to interact with the dream world and do whatever you can think of!

- Simple, iOS 11 inspired user interface for easy use
- Dream journal to increase dream recall and in turn inducing many lucid dreams! Also fun to read after some time when you end up forgetting them!
- Dream Journal Lock (Passcode & Touch iD)
- Reality Check Reminders to remind you throughout the day to check if you are awake! These notifications will end up reminding you to do a reality check in your dreams!
- Many of the most common induction techniques always ready to be read & cited whenever you see fit!
- Frequently asked question section for beginners
- Guides to wake up in your REM sleep periods for the most vivid lucid dreams!
- Links to helpful websites with great community forums!
- Video guides created by HowToLucid!
- FILD/WILD/WBTB/DEILD Alarm that automatically shuts itself off, which enables you to be woken up but not have to move! This makes the transition from waking state to dream world much more seamless & effortless
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