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Mafia Boss Description
NOTE: Check out our Mafia Boss Moderator Edition, for game moderators!
If you play the strategy game Mafia (aka Werewolf) in online forums or at get-togethers, Mafia Boss can be there on your iPhone or iPod touch to keep track of the game's status.

"Mafia" is a multiplayer game that is played in a group or online in a forum. A majority of players belong to the "Town", and try and identify, and vote off, the minority among them who are the "Mafia" by questioning and logical deduction. At the same time, the Mafia tries to blend in as normal Town members and pick off Townies each night.

With Mafia Boss, you can
- record votes as they occur.
- see at a glance who voted for whom, how close to elimination (lynch) each player is, and how many votes it takes to eliminate a player.
- see which players haven't cast a vote yet.

Mafia Boss simplifies keeping track of a Mafia game. You never have to add up votes and unvotes or calculate how many each player has. You never have to guess how close to a majority vote any player is.
- remove, change or add players at any time - scores adjust automatically.
- automatically updates vote counts.
- recognizes when a majority vote has occurred, and Game Over when one side wins.
- indicates Day or Night phase, and the current day or night number.
- performs the nighttime Mafia action.
- (NEW) email the game score at any time to anybody.
The game status is preserved when you switch to another iPhone app, or receive a call. Complete instructions are included.

All future updates to the application will be free of charge. Let Mafia Boss make your Mafia games much easier, or use it to learn the game.
Mafia Boss 1.4 Update
2009-01-26 Version History
Now you can email a snapshot of the current score to yourself, or others. Keep a time-stamped log of the whole game.

Try our brand-new MAFIA BOSS MODERATOR EDITION for moderator features! Set color-coded roles, affiliations, see automatic win conditions, and more!

(електронный агрегатор для игры "мафия")
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