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Magic the Gathering Life Total Description
Track your life when playing Magic: The Gathering with this FREE little app. Set your phone on the table between you and your opponent and simply start playing. We've worked hard to provide as clean and streamlined an experience as possible.

====== MAJOR FEATURES ======

- Two-way screen setup, ideal for playing at tables.

- Add or subtract Life with a tap, or hold down to auto-tap.

- 2, 3, and 4 player layouts.

- Dice roll feature.

- Customizable backgrounds.

- Optional Poison counters, and other generic counter types.

- Change default starting life to fit various game modes.

- Collapsible center bar that hides global features when they aren't needed.

- Game over detection for quick access to the Reset button.


We want to know what YOU want out of your MtG life counter. Please send us feedback on our website!
Magic the Gathering Life Total 2.3.0 Update
2019-05-02 Version History
This update improves life tracking visuals, adds support for custom starting life, and addresses some audio issues.

Life Tracking Improvements:
- The longer you hold the - or + buttons, the faster your counter value will change.
- The change in value is shown for a few seconds, making it easy to hit an exact number.

Custom Starting Life:
- A new button in the starting life section of the center bar lets you enter a custom starting life value.
- When using custom life, you can disable game over detection to prevent the center bar from opening automatically.

Audio Improvements:
- Sound effects no longer interrupt other audio playing on your device.
- Sounds will not play if your device is in silent/vibrate mode.
- Tapping life should now feel smooth and responsive, no longer lagging some devices.
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14.7 MB
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Andre Arsenault
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