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MAGIENCE Description
MAGIENCE is a puzzle battle game. You play puzzle and attack the opponent.

You can play more than half stages for free. If you purchase, you can play all stages.

Even if you are a beginner or an expert, you will be able to enjoy.
Think and fight!! Can you defeat computers? How well can you play?

There are only some sound effects on this game.

+++++ Basic rule +++++

- A field of Magience -
There are 7 columns and 12 rows in a field of Magience. Column 1, 3, 5, 7 are half step as high as column 2, 4, 6.

- Produce energy -
If there are energy elements that are linked 4 or more same kind on the field, energy is produced from those energy elements.

- A chain -
If energy is produced from energy elements and energy elements that are on the disappeared energy elements move down and there are energy elements that are linked 4 or more same kind, energy is produced from energy elements once again. The phenomenon that energy is produced repeatedly like this is called "Chain". If you produce energy with "Chain", you can produce a lot of energy. If you produce energy with longer "Chain", you can produce more energy.

- An attack -
If you produce energy from energy elements, your character throw the energy to the opponent.

- Obstruction Matters -
After the opponent's attack arrive at your character, when you put the managing energy elements on your field, obstruction matters fall on your field. If you produce enrgy from energy elements, the obstruction matters that is adjacent to those energy elements disappear.

- Win or lose -
If the square that a pair of energy elements appear is filled up, you lose.

- Automatic speed adjustment -
The speed that energy elements fall in a field and the speed that energy is produced from energy elements and the speed that your attack go forward is adjusted automatically. Those speed depend on your play. Those speed depend on the average time that you put energy elements before. If you put a lot of energy elements in a short time, those speed is fast. If you put only a few energy elements in a long time, those speed is slow. Until your attack arrive at the opponent, you will be able to put 2 or 3 pair of energy elements.
MAGIENCE 1.1 Update
2015-11-15 Version History
If this app go into background when you are playing a battle, this app stop and the battle pause.
When a sound effect is produced, this app is not so slow.
When you are playing a battle, characters’ utterances are displayed a little longer.
If you look “Basic rule”, You can see how to operate in a battle scene.
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20.8 MB
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Wada System
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You can play all stages. $3.99

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