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MakeMathEasy Description
MakeMathEasy is a free educational game designed for kids to practice math mentally to improve their math capabilities, also for anyone who needs “mental gymnastics” type of stimulating activities, either for keeping their brain healthy, or just for fun.

This educational game is a timed multiple-choice testing, with two modes: "Questions(#)" mode and "Time(s)" mode. In the "Options" screen, the number of questions or the time in seconds in a game episode can be adjusted, and other adjustable options include the level of difficulty ("easy", "medium", and "hard"), the type of math operation ("add", "subtract", "multiply", "divide", and a "mixed" mode) at each level, and the sound feature (on/off). These options are represented by easy-to-understand icon buttons, and also automatically saved in permanent storage for easy use. An icon button at the lower left corner on the options screen is for resetting all these option values back to defaults, if needed, and clearing the "Best Grade" info (mentioned in details below) in each scenario in storage.

When playing, a count-down timer starts ticking, a question of selected operation is displayed, along with 4, 6, or 8 answers (depending on the level of difficulty) in colored boxes waiting for the user to choose from. After one of the answers is chosen, a “happy” face will be shown if the answer selected is correct, or an “unhappy” face for a wrong one. Then the process of showing a new question and its answers continues until the episode time ends. Then the "Grade" (ratio of the correct answers to the total number of questions) for this episode is shown. If all are correct, a "Perfect!" banner will be animated into the middle of screen with claps if the sound option is enabled. Otherwise, the wrongly selected answer(s), versus the correct answer(s), together with the original question(s) will be shown, for further review and improvement. Among these wrongly selected answers, additional hints with examples may be displayed if there exist some math tricks for solving that kind of questions, mostly seen in multiplication, some in division, in "hard" level, some also seen in some "medium" level questions. The detailed derivation of the tricks, however, is not shown due to the limited display space and is recommended to search on Internet.

The "Best Grade" of each category (one of the math operations in one of the levels) is the best "Grade" achieved with respect to the "episode" time taken for this category of tests. Shorter episode time gives better ratio value for the "Best Grade". It is also displayed, and saved to permanent storage to provide a measure of improvement. For mental math practice purpose, all the math questions and answers in this educational game are integer calculation (no decimal points to worry about).

Hope MakeMathEasy is helpful and you like it.
MakeMathEasy 1.4 Update
2018-10-18 Version History
1) Modified the Chinese translation of "Questions(#)" to avoid possible confusion with "Problems(#)" in Chinese;
2) In the mode of "Questions(#)", show the total # of expected answers together with the current # of answer, to remind the user where the process is in game.
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9.2 MB
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Jianxin Liu
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