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Master Stick and Rudder Flying

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Master Stick and Rudder Flying Description
Mastering Stick And Rudder Flying is designed to improve your stick and rudder skills, so that you can reduce your chances of an accident. This is no "sit-and-watch" video: this is interactive, computer-based training, consisting of over six hours of "cut-to-the-chase" stick and rudder "enlightenment." You'll find amazing 3D graphics and interaction, straight-talking "how to" guidance, practical tips, and engaging stories—all related to stick and rudder flying.

Around 30% of GA pilots now fly aircraft with complex computerized cockpit instrumentation (i.e., glass cockpits). As a pilot, you either fly one of these aircraft currently, or you'll do so in the near future. The FAA commissioned a study and found that many aviators have difficulty manually flying the airplane. Our newfound reliance on automation and computerized technology has found its way into the most basic of GA aircraft. And, pilots are using that technology as a crutch—they're failing to maintain (and even abandoning) their stick and rudder skills due to lack of use and insufficient training. The study also found that when pilots hand-fly the aircraft, they become confused and disoriented, partly due to their reliance on watching the automation do the flying. And, they found that pilots have inadequate stick and rudder technique during rare and unexpected emergency circumstances.

Even the most basic of stick and rudder flying is a problem. Consider crosswind landings. Do you really know how to perform a crosswind landing correctly? Do you really know the factors involved in using aileron, rudder, and elevator and the various forces that occur during a tough crosswind landing? Or, take the power curve. Do you fully understand it? Do you know how mismanagement of thrust and drag can get you into an accident? Mastering Stick And Rudder Flying will describe these topics and more—step by step. It contains 20 such focused lessons to help you improve your technique.

Lessons Included:
•How To Get The Most From This Training
•NTSB Statistics
•Cockpit Management
•Night Flight
•Traffic Patterns 101
•Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)
•Ground Effect
•Crosswind Takeoffs
•Soft-Field Takeoffs
•Short-Field Takeoffs
•Stabilized Approaches
•Crosswind Landings
•Short-Field Landings
•Soft-Field Landings
•Forward Slip To A Landing
•Go-Arounds/Rejected Landings
•The Power Curve
•Slow Flight
•Stall Basics
•Power-Off Stalls
•Power-On Stalls
•Final Exam

Features Included
•20 focused lessons to improve your stick and rudder technique
•Over 350 scenes of captivating content and visuals
•Over 6 hours of narrated instruction
•Hangar Time™ sidebars that give additional technique, perspectives, stories, and safety-related considerations
•Statistics and case studies that describe errors that other pilots have made
•Interactive "hands-on" learning that gives you that "moment" of true understanding
•Colorful 3D graphics and animations
•Quizzes at the end of each lesson
•50-question Final Exam to test your knowledge
•FAA WINGS credit to reward you for your hard work
Master Stick and Rudder Flying 3.1.1 Update
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310.6 MB
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