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Math Games for kids - Mathaly

Math Games for kids - Mathaly

Kunal Gandhi

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Math Games for kids - Mathaly Description
Mathaly is the only learning app that allows parents and kids to play math together.

Mathaly is an award winning K-5 math practice app with interactive math problems, worksheets and activities. It is specially designed for homeschoolers. This helps kids appreciate math even more. Parents are kept in continuous loop on the activities that a child does. We even share tips and techniques to help her do even better.

With 650+ math skills and lots of variety to keep the kids engaged for long, Mathaly, is a child’s personal partner in math practice.

Levels and Task Based Progress.
More than 200+ levels to keep practicing all topics.
Question reading out capability.

Play math with your kids. Don't just observe. Unique game play modes to let you do that
Empowers you to help your child. Email updates, new games, personalized certificates from you and more
No more searches for math apps. All K-5 math skills in one app. Constantly updated
Complete peace of mind. No ads or unsafe outward links, even in free version so you can relax

Editor’s choice award for best app design
Top 50 edu-apps award 2014
Best Game Maker 2014 award

"We chose to homeschool our son. And Mathaly is a great help. Unlike casual math apps, this has detailed curriculum guidelines. More importantly, it keeps me in loop with my son is doing. I loved how it used me to jointly set goals and reminded me to get involved. “ - Dorothy, mother of 3rd grader
"I loved the parent child game. My son often presses that button inviting me to play. It is fun seeing him all excited about beating me in math" - David, father of 2nd grader
"Mathaly is a lot of fun. Unlike traditional math app, it does focus on practice in a much better way. It is not just a game but a complete math practice tool” - Tina, mother of a 4th grader

Requires in app purchase for full access.

650+ math skills aligned to common core curriculum guidelines
Repeated practice from multiple dimensions to boost proficiency
Smart problems to identify remove common math misconceptions
More skills and problems types updated regularly

Numbers: includes practice on place value system, expanded form of numbers, skip counting and more
Addition: includes practice on picture addition of one digit numbers to addition of multiple 4 and 5 digit numbers with borrow
Subtraction: includes practice on subtracting using pictures to subtraction of 5 digit numbers with borrow
Multiplication: includes practice on multiplication as repeated addition, multiplication facts to multiplication of 2 and 3 digit numbers
Division: includes division of 1 digit numbers to division of large numbers with remainders
Fractions: includes identification of fractions, fractions as a part of a group, types of fractions - proper, mixed and improper fractions - comparison and operations in operations
Decimals: includes place value in decimals, comparison of decimal numbers and operations in decimal numbers like addition of decimal numbers, multiplication of decimal numbers etc
Patterns: includes identifying simple ABAB type patterns in numbers and images to more complex non repeating patters like arithmetic and geometric progressions
Data Handling: involves practice on observing and interpreting data like reading pictographs, bar graphs and line graphs
Geometry: includes practice on simple 2D shapes and their properties to more complex topics like area, perimeter, types of triangles etc
Measurement: Length, Weight and Volume
Time: includes practice on reading time in analog and digital clocks, comparison of time, elapsed time, concept of am-pm, day-night, days of the week, months of the year, seasons etc

We are passionate about early learning and math. We want to make the most loved subject for kids all over the world. So if there is any way we could help you, feel free to write to us.
Math Games for kids - Mathaly 2.0.4 Update
2018-05-04 Version History
As we received a lot of request from user to reduce the time of rope generation. We have reduced the time to generate rope.
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48.8 MB
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Kunal Gandhi
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