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MealCam Description
MealCam is where you save pictures of everything that you eat, without focusing on calories.

Instead of obsessing over numbers, you can look more holistically at what you eat and measure things like:

-How many colors did I eat?
-How many ingredients did I eat that had water in them? (i.e. fruit/veg vs processed food)
-How much time did I give my body to digest before I ate again?

While it may seem simple. When you use it consistently it becomes immensely powerful.

It may be the catalyst to a skinnier, healthier you because of the insights you gain...

...or simply because of the improved accountability you gain by simply taking a picture of every meal! (You might ask yourself, "should I really be eating this?" as you reach for MealCam) could also uncover a food allergy you never knew you had but was responsible for your bloating and discomfort.


Focusing on calorie counting can often be misleading because to meet a goal you may eat processed food that has an artificially-engineered low/no calorie number...

...when what your body really wanted was a hydrating piece of fresh fruit!  

(Colorful fresh produce isn't usually sold with nutrition labels... and yet isn't it the healthiest food for us?)

So by focusing instead on things like colors and water content you'll get a more holistic view of what you eat.

...and it's easier! (It only takes seconds to take a picture of a meal)


With photos of your meals you'll have a broader perspective of what you eat where you can observe patterns you would otherwise be unaware of.

You can ask questions that get to the root of problems:

- What made my digestion like this?
- Why am I bloated?
- Did I eat something yesterday that caused me to break out?
- Why did I gain weight this month?
- What was I eating to lose weight?

MealCam allows you to recall what you were eating days, weeks, or months ago. (Unlike our memory which often can only recall the past few meals)

...and the very act of taking a picture of every meal makes you more conscious of what you eat.

You can also create a 1 day or 7 day summary of your meals to share with your doctor, personal trainer, or nutrition coach.


MealCam uses of all the greatest new features in iOS:

-It uses iCloud to privately sync your meals between devices.
-It supports dark mode.
-It has a useful Widget.
-It supports multitasking on iPad and works in all orientations.

~Private iCloud Syncing~

Meals can be stored in your private iCloud database where they sync with all your devices. Since MealCam uses iCloud's private database, I as the developer do not have access to them. They're for your eyes only.

You also have the choice to store them locally on your device without syncing.

~Dark Mode~

Review your meals without straining your eyes at night!  

When you turn on the system's Dark Mode MealCam will conform.


A common thing you may ask yourself is: what time was my last meal? (Especially if you eat on scheduled intervals)

The widget is the perfect place to quickly answer this question. It shows a picture of each meal you've eaten today with the time overlaid on top.

You can quickly reference what time your last meal was without opening the app and decide if you're ready to eat again.


MealCam works in all sizes and orientations so you can use it for multitasking on the iPad.

You can use MealCam side by side with other apps. For example, when you are looking for recipes online you can use MealCam to see what you've eaten the past couple nights.

It also works in landscape on your iPhone so the app feels like it belongs with the stock apps which are some of the few apps that support landscape mode.


I hope you enjoy MealCam as much as I do!

- Kevin (the developer)
MealCam 1.2.3 Update
2019-09-19 Version History
Added support for Dark Mode and made other optimizations for iOS13.
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18.6 MB
Release Date:
Kevin Healy
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