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Medical & Dental Terminology/Abbreviations PRO Flashcards App

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Medical & Dental Terminology/Abbreviations PRO Flashcards App Description
Medical & Dental Terminology PRO is the Best & Most Complete Medical/Dental Terminology Flashcards App in the market. Our applications also integrates the principle of Spaced Repetition to help students retain a large amount of knowledge in their long term memory.

This PRO Version of the App contains 6000+ Flashcards on Medical & Dental Terminology along with Abbreviations, Acronyms, Prefixes, Suffixes & Root words. This app also has English to Spanish Medical Translations for Medical Interpreters. This PRO Version is also Ads FREE.

App Content:
Medical Terminology - 1069 cards
Medical Prefix, Suffix & Root - 997 cards
Abbreviations and Acronyms - 498 cards
Dental Terminology - 291 cards
English to Spanish - 1588 cards
Spanish to English - 1589 cards

What is Spaced Repetition?
Spaced repetition is a learning method that requires increasing intervals of time between periodic reviews of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect. Spaced repetition is commonly applied in contexts where a learner must acquire a large amount of knowledge and retain it indefinitely in memory such as when studying for a board exam or learning a second language.

We have heavily researched many learning studies done by famous authors such as Hermann Ebbinghaus, Sebastian Leitner(Leitner System), Paul Pimsleur, A.W. Melton, Thomas Landauer, Robert A. Bjork, C. A. Mace & H. F. Spitzer from which we extracted the best concepts to ultimately create this technology focused Medical & DentalTerminology App. Our brilliant team of developers built this proprietary piece of technology which keeps track of when a particular flashcard was reviewed, prompts users to review it again 1 day later, a week later(7 days) & a month later(28 days so 4 weeks). Spacing reviews in this manner insures each flashcard will be learned at least 4 times which almost guarantees the material will be retained in the memory forever.

Why learn in this manner?
Well, the famous study on human memory done by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus describes that within the first 24 hours of learning we forget 50% - 80% of what was learned and without further review, by 30 days we remember merely 2% of the information. Based on these results, Ebbinghaus created his well-known Learning curve & Forgetting curve. According to Ebbinghaus, spaced repetition is the most important factor in order to retain what was learned. Periodic reviews (every 24 hour, week and month later) provide the needed spikes in memory to retain large amount of information as long term memory.

Awesome Features:
● Timestamp based flashcard tracking – Know exactly when you reviewed a particular flashcard.
● Spaced Review Score – Instant updating score system based on spaced review target achieved or missed.
● Fast Navigation through Flashcards – Bookmark, Favorite & Scroll through 100s of flashcards with ease.
● Search by Flashcard Deck Category – Instant search results as you type in the search bar with ability to search by categories.
● Push Notifications – Once a day push notification at your usual study time to remind you to review your previously learned flashcards.
● Iconographic Review Reminders – Time based icon updates on every flashcard to remind users when to review a particular card.
... = Awaiting = Card will open in the future for review.
O = Open = Flashcard needs to be reviewed NOW.
X = Missed = Missed the 24hr window to review the card.
Check = Done = Successfully reviewed the card.

P.S. We are dedicated to making our technology and learning system as effective as possible, connect with us if you think we can do something to make it even better. We will constantly improve our content and technology to be the Best Educational Service.

Additional Info
Medical & Dental Terminology/Abbreviations PRO Flashcards App 1.1 Update
2015-11-23 Version History
**Huge Update**
- Added Search Feature for every category.
- Added Push Notification Support to Remind users when a Flashcard need to be reviewed based on our proprietary spaced repetition algorithm.
- Added Better Medical Terms (1069 Cards)
- Reorganized Prefix, Suffix & Root words for easier reference (997 Cards)
- Added Abbreviations & Acronyms (498 Cards)
- Added Dental Terminology (291 Cards)
- Added English to Spanish & Spanish to English Translations for medical interpreters (3177 Cards)
- Added words for Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors & other medical professional to make this the BEST index of Medical Terms.
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8.5 MB
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