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Yaroslav Petrov

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Mens Health Yoga SSA Description
The app contains poses and asanas of yoga that are useful for men's health, help with impotence, increase strength, potency, flexibility, accelerate metabolism.

It is believed that men benefit from strength trainings, but such training only build muscle mass. You just need to stop exercising and the result disappears. Radically different effect have yoga asanas for men: the result achieved by means of regular training remain forever. Revitalizing effect of yoga on the male body is recognized by doctors in most countries of the world. And, in some countries, yoga is included in the school program and the military service.

Yoga trainings and learning asanas allow a man to:
- Develop stamina. Soon, you will notice that you exercise more easily - for example, long trekking, football or basketball games, tennis lessons.
- Increase efficiency. Proper performance of yoga poses combined with breathing exercises gives vigor and concentration.
- Reset accumulated tension.
Systematic training with the correct sequence of yoga postures have a beneficial effect on the male body:
- Improve brain function.
- Strengthen the heart muscle.
- Increase the potency. US and German doctors recommend yoga as a remedy for impotence. And, it is not aimed at short-term, but the long-term improvement.
- Reduce blood pressure.
- Improve the functioning of internal organs.
- "Accelerate" metabolism.
- Help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yoga gradually abolishes the need for other means of relaxing and toning. Men practicing yoga noticed that they began to smoke less and consume much less alcohol. No exhausting struggle with bad habits - thanks to regular exercises, they disappear by themselves.

App "Yoga Poses for Men's Health & Impotence Treatment" is yoga for beginners following postures:
1. Tadasana.
2. Vrikshasana (right).
3. Vrikshasana (left).
4. Uttanasana.
5. Virabhadasana III (right).
6. Uttanasana.
7. Virabhadasana III (left).
8. Dandasana.
9. Paripurna Navasana.
10. Dandasana.
11. Paschimottanasana.
12. Janu Sirsasana (right).
13. Janu Sirsasana (left).
14. Dandasana.
15. Shavasana.
16. Anantasana (right).
17. Anantasana (left).
18. Shavasana.
19. Apanasana.
20. Pavan Muktasana (right).
21. Pavan Muktasana (left).
22. Setu Bandhasana.
23. Apanasana.
24. Supta Matsiendrasana III (right).
25. Supta Matsiendrasana III (left).
26. Shavasana.

Polls conducted around the world confirm that men practicing yoga notice its high efficiency against impotence. In addition, exercise helps to resist fatigue, susceptibility to stress and depressive states.

Free mobile app "Yoga Poses for Men's Health & Impotence Treatment" will help you to practice yoga properly and systematically. It presents the most effective yoga poses for men. The application can be downloaded and installed on your phone in a few minutes.

This application is very convenient and extremely simple to use. Running the program on the phone, you simply look at the screen and repeat the steps of the coach demonstrating yoga asanas for men aimed at stretching the muscles, energy storage, increasing potency, reducing blood pressure, etc.

Free mobile app "Yoga Poses for Men's Health & Impotence Treatment" contains:
- Names of yoga asanas for men;
- Demonstration of the process of taking yoga poses;
- Description of body benefits of demonstrated asanas.

This mobile application can be used virtually anywhere. Preparation for training is also simple: you will need a small rug and clothes enabling you to move freely. It is sufficient to allocate 15-20 minutes a day for exercises - and you'll soon notice your health benefits. This application has everything a man could need - clarity, practicality, benefit, visible results.
Mens Health Yoga SSA 1.0.1 Update
2018-10-12 Version History
We added voice instructions to all exercises!
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79.4 MB
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Yaroslav Petrov
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