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Messy Goes to Okido MusicMaker Description
Zim Zam and Zoom have built a new machine to allow Messy and the gang to make their very own music. As a strange side effect, every time they change their tune, the world around them changes along with it. Somehow Messy's Music Maker has the ability to remix OKIDO itself!

** Who's in band and which instruments do they play? **
Messy loves percussion so he plays 4 different drum kits on podium 1. Zoe, on podium 2, plays a variety of string instruments including a banjo, acoustic guitar, electric bass and electric guitar. On podium 3, Felix mostly mostly plays wind instruments like the gear-trumpet and the quintuple-belled horn (both fictional) and the melodica (strangely not fictional) but for the moon rock he couldn't resist playing the double neck bass. On the last podium there are 4 special guests: Mayor Oki on xylophone, a jazzy Okidian on piano, Nancy-robot on synthesiser and Arthur-robot on keytar.

** How does Messy's Music Maker work? **
The best way to learn is through play. In Messy's Music Maker there's no winning or losing and there are no stars to collect so just let your kids explore and see what they discover. Half of the fun is figuring out how it all works. Even as a parent we would recommend trying it out for yourself but if you want some hints there are some answers below that should help.

** How do I find the rocket/cloudship/robot/etc **
There are 8 different combo items hidden in the game. Pay attention to the colours of the podiums and I'm sure you'll find them.

** How do I change the scene from night to day? **
There are 4 different lighting conditions. Again, the podium colours will help you find them.

** Why do the podium speakers have different shapes? **
Each instrument can be played in 3 different ways and this is represented by the shape of the speakers in the podium. In most cases the circle is for the main melody, the square is for the harmony and triangle is for a simpler rhythm track. When you tap a character it will zoom in and show you a simple music sequencer with 4 shapes are played in order from left to right. The active speaker will pulse to the beat and a bar of lights on top will show you exactly where you are in the sequence. Tap the shapes to change them and create your own custom 4-loop sequence.

** How many different combinations are there? **
There are 4 podiums, each with 4 instruments that can play in 3 different styles for 4 sequential loops. Zim has done the calculations and he says it's 11 Billion combinations if all 4 podiums are active.

** How do I mute a character? **
If you tap on the part of the podium that popped up it will push back down again, muting the character.

** How do I reset the game? **
There is no reset button but if you close and re-open the app the game will change the podiums so that the colours and shapes match. With 4 colours and 3 shapes there are 12 possible starting configurations so you probably won't see the same starting song twice. This was Messy's idea as he got bored of playing the same song every time.

** How do I save a song? **
Sorry but Zam hasn't built this feature yet. Messy has an idea that involves socks but in the meantime you will just need to remember the colours and shapes for your favourite mixes. If you would really like this feature please let us know!

** Why does Messy's Music Maker play audio when my device is muted? **
We wanted to make it as easy as possible to play Messy's Music Maker and hear the audio so we chose to ignore the mute setting (similar to when you play videos on your device). This can be helpful as the mute setting on some devices has no physical button and can be hard to find.

** How do I get the song out of my head? **
Sorry but we can't help you as it's stuck in our heads too! With the variety of instruments and combinations we hope at least you'll have a different earworm each time you hear it.
Messy Goes to Okido MusicMaker 1.0.3 Update
2018-12-07 Version History
Messy wanted to change some design bits in the app, so we did.
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