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metatron­­­­ Description
METATRON is a collection of literary miniatures that creates a completely new reading experience. Music, animation, and text combine with satellite imagery to form a multimedial narrative dimension.

Through its characters, METATRON guides you with a meditative rhythm of word, color, tone and form into a transcendent world.

Join the large, awkward woman, the yearning young man, pale Rose, beautiful Mandy, and other searching characters in a moment of epiphany.

Look destiny in the eye through the wisdom of the Platonic solids and Metatron’s Cube, and enjoy the clarity and beauty of animated geometry.

Let yourself be moved by the frequencies in the color blue: the color of heaven and sea, the color of longing and healing.

Explore the stories’ locations with coordinate-links to satellite images and connect the narrated world with your reality.

METATRON includes six stories. PALERMO is a gift. The other stories are ready for download as In-App-Purchase.

Day after day the large, awkward woman sits at the supermarket checkout. Always searching for the price, always searching for the value of things. Her chair is worn out. No support anymore in the back. No support anymore, anywhere in number 12. One day velvet-blue tears begin running down her cheeks. Simply so. Relentlessly. And as the world around her becomes blue, the large, awkward woman meets the lovely woman. And she looks into her eyes as if gazing at an endless mirror, finally finding what she has always sought.

The small, lonely man moves heavy loads on dead rails in a switch yard. Pushing here. Pulling there. Large, dark wagons, like huge burdensome animals. Without direction, without goal. He moves himself in the same way, up and down, back and forth. Held fast by someone, by something, as if he himself were the wagon. But then, on a warm spring day a forget-me-not touches his heart, and with this blue flower he embarks on a journey to loosen his bonds.

Beautiful Mandy, the lean child, disconnected from love after her brother’s death. Fearing closeness. Fearing loss. Beautiful Mandy is far away from her feelings. She celebrates surface with her boyfriend Hosh: parties, drugs and glossy photos. Until one morning she sees a skyblue fawn beside a fake lily pond. And her old fears melt away in the presence of his gentle grace. Beautiful Mandy, the lean child, is filled with skyblue solace.

Percy is jealous. He is on vacation with his kids while his wife is away in Milan with her new boss. Jogging through the autumn forest into the cold shadow of a ruined castle, he hopes that his run will transport him away from the distorted pictures of his burning jealousy. He stands on one leg in the ruin’s sludge, stretching his muscles and tendons. Then it happens. In the twilight of the blue hour he discerns the constant repetition of his long forgotten abyss.

Snow is in the air on the last night of the year as the abandoned child, pale Rose, awaits her lover Meg. Who doesn’t come. Will she ever come? In thin tights Rose walks through the forest looking in vain for a cellphone signal. Snow is in the air as she settles on to a freshly cut tree stump, surrounded by the dark forest floor. And in the absence of the tree, as if in a vacuum, she cowers in her fake white fur: looking truth in the eye through the watery blue of her little snow globe.

The yearning young man met the girl with the long black hair in a bar on the edge of nowhere. Morgan le Fay smiled at him like a dark promise. They spent the night together in another dimension. He found what he was yearning for. And lost it. In the morning she was gone. The yearning young man revs the engine of his damn fast car. Where should he drive now? There, on the horizon above the blazing asphalt, he sees a new direction, a shimmering illusion. He steps on the gas, and in the blue mist of a mirage he finds a place where his yearning finally stops.
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– Minor improvements
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