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Mind Brain & Body Description

"If you can change your mind, you can change your life" - William James, a great American philosopher and psychologist.

Much has been talked about mind and body. Most of the time, it seems that the source of the mind and its relationship to the body are mysterious. Although the brain is part of the body, it is nevertheless not thought about very much in this kind of conversations.

This App developer is an enthusiast of traditional exercises. With his background in biochemistry and molecular virology, he got interested in this topic after deploying a few Apps and having gained some understanding of his daily routine of exercise and coding.

He did a review of the scientific research on the subject, and identified six topics that appear most important. With 6-8 slides for each topic and an introduction in this App, he presents the findings, asks questions, and offers some clues as to how to take advantage of the mind-body connection to enhance physical and mental health.

One may discover that this App contains more questions than answers. This is based on the expectation that we all have answers to issues in life in some fashion, and that we are all continuing to learn to improve our personal lives by asking the right questions.

Some example questions in the App:

"Everyday is a new beginning. You’d like it to begin on your own terms.

What if the mind has an agenda of its own, constantly spinning around things big or little, past or future, just not the present, and you cannot call a time-out?

Is the mind still yours? Is the new beginning actually on your own terms?"

And the finishing slide on the topic of "mindful happiness", entitled: "Power of Mind":

"If the mind can be taken as the door to the brain and the body, then its importance in human life can be self-evident. By changing the mind or thought, it may be possible to change the brain and the body, and alter mental and physical states. For example:

If work and life become too stressful, it may take just a thought to change for the better, even if for just a moment;

If emotions run high, it may take just a thought to cool down and focus on the solutions or what is important;

If all people fail to understand you, it may take just a thought to understand others better and believe in yourself;

If any problem occurs in life, it may take just a thought to understand that there is a solution somewhere;

If a youngster runs past you, it may take just a thought to appreciate the beauty and continue to practice on your own;

If mentally challenged, it may take just a thought to pick up a book, get online, or join a social group to learn and improve cognition.

According to Mahatma Gandhi: 'Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.'

Could it be paraphrased this way: happiness starts with a good thought, and materializes with a good action?

But then, what if there is one thought, or one mental state, that takes care of all? What would that be?"

SPECIAL THANKS to a dear friend and former colleague (PML) whose comments on the subject and other details have been very helpful.

In addition, "BMI calculator", "Workaholics Test", and "ML Demo" (machine learning demonstration, runs only on iOS 11 and later) are incorporated into the App for demonstration of points mentioned in the discussion, as well as for practical use.

May it be fun!
Mind Brain & Body 1.2.1 Update
2019-10-02 Version History
Remove animated view transitions which cause unexpected view patterns on new devices.
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