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Welcome to MindTracker, one of the coolest ways to peer into your most powerful organ… your brain! We live in a world where stress is high - and is the cause of most mind/body/spirit illness, pain, and anxiety according the National Institutes of Health. Stress prevents us from reaching our life goals and our peak performance. When Joy, Attention and Inner Calm are maximized, stress is under control in life and we can get into the Zone.

MindTracker provides insight into your state of mind to help you transform stress into Joy, Attention, and Inner Calm by giving you access to your own brain. By capturing raw brainwave data and presenting the output in real time, you can learn how to increase your Joy, Attention, and Inner Calm to improve your sleep, reduce migraines, and improve your focus. The MindTracker app is a unique personal brainwave biofeedback system, enabled thru a combination of a mobile app AND cloud-based software where you can view your Brainwave Sessions. MindTracker is optimized for the iPhone and is a streamlined version of the full-featured WujiBrainwave app that runs on the iPad, Mac, and PC with their amazing 3D animation. Note that you will need a MindWave BLE Mobile headset to use our app. Results are stored in a secure, encrypted database behind your personal password to enable analysis and trending over time. Patented learning games visually display Joy, Attention, Inner Calm - and our powerful MindMedia - make this app user friendly, highly interactive and THE tool for developing your hidden potential by transforming stress into useful energy to improve your everyday life.

Stress is one of the main reasons we can’t reach our potential - whether for us that is good health or optimal performance in life. Issues like PTSD in the military are directly connected to stress. We break stress down into three components: Joy, Attention, and Inner Calm. If we can’t access these key aspects of our mind/body/spirit, then it is clear that we will experience some level of stress in our lives… but when we can begin to consciously access our brain’s ability to increase Joy, Attention, and Inner Calm, we transform stress into mindful energy that our brain can use to help us achieve new levels of awareness, health, and performance. By using our app for brain bio-feedback, the more you use it, the more you gain a new understanding on how to access your brain’s potential. If you practice Yoga, meditation, or Qigong, this app is a great tool to improve your skillfulness.

Your data is private, encrypted and stored behind your personal password for your eyes only at https://brainwave.wujitech.com/login.php where you can learn more and track your progress over time. Your app payment gives you a one-year Premium Member access to the MindTracker app and allows you to use and download the iPad, Mac, and PC versions, which is called the WujiBrainwave app. Those versions contain additional functionality such as amazing 3D animated learning tools including our renowned 3D Dolphin games.

Learn more at: http://www.wujitech.com/a/WujiBrainwave
Contact WujiTech for additional information regarding community building, large-scale research projects, or group and corporate applications as our backend software solution that supports and integrates with this mobile app is rich in features.

If you need a MindWave Mobile headset (the Bluetooth BLE model of this headset is the only one that works in iOS for the iPad or iPhone), visit: https://brainwave.wujitech.com
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