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1.13.7 for iPhone, iPad

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Mixonset: Mashup Your Playlist Description
Mixonset - mix the right part of the right song with seamless transitions

**StartupFest Innovative Content Prize Winner 2019**

Mixonset mixes the right part of the right song from your favourite playlist into a seamless music stream like a professional DJ. Founded in Montreal, Canada, by music lovers and tech geeks, Mixonset is an award-winning music app that uses Artificial Intelligence to give you a world-class listening experience.

With Mixonset, you will enjoy your music much more, discover faster, and never have to skip songs again.

Play Best Part – Plays the 1-2 min highlight of every song with seamless transitions like a professional DJ.
Smart Mix – Reorders your playlists so your songs sound great together.
Fill in the Gaps – Discover new music by automatically adding suggested songs to the gaps of your playlist.
Find My Vibe – Your seamless mix made from one song. Any song.
Mix Maker – Mix multiple playlists together, plus some from your friends.

Mixonset Integrates with:

Spotify Premium (Not Spotify Free)
iTunes Library (Not Apple Music)

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Mixonset: Mashup Your Playlist 1.13.7 Update
2021-01-18 Version History
Your personal DJ gets better. New in version 1.13.7:
- More consistent mix generation
- Minor Fixes

New in version 1.13.6:
- Fixed issues with subscription validation
- Removed underused features

New in version 1.13.5:
- Onboarding tutorial improvement
- Loading cosmetics improvement
- Minor fixes

New in version 1.13.4:
- Battery efficiency improvement
- Mixing stability improvement
- Minor fixes

New in version 1.13.3:
- Mix Playground
- Bug fixes

New in version 1.13.2:
- Offers updated

New in version 1.13.1:
- Bug fixes

New in version 1.13.0:
- App Clip
- 3 months offer for referrer and referee
- Bug fixes

New in version 1.12:
- New referral offer page
- Fixed occasional navigation pauses
- Preload screens before display
- Faster navigation
- Smoother transitions
- More consistent mix generation
- Follow, unfollow, save Spotify albums
- Moved mix summary to top of playlist
- Redesigned the recent filter
- Rename Spotify playlists
- Support for Apple Silicon Macs
- Battery efficiency improvement
- Churn feedback
- Referral Offer
- New in-app tutorial

New in version 1.11:
- Mix from the middle of the song
- Instant navigation in iTunes
- Split view on iPad
- More accurate discovery
- Streamlined settings page
- Fixed audio switch related issues
- More accurate mixing progress display

New in version 1.10:
- Filter loading indicator
- Mix search results
- More accurate filter numbers
- Fixed car/bluetooth audio switch issue
- Mix quality improvement
- Faster and progressive loading of Spotify playlists
- Edit Queue button
- Rearranged filters
- Remove unmixable songs in the mix when possible
- Consistent mixing
- Streamlined mixing progress display
- Faster highlight mode switch
- More time to switch the next song

New in version 1.9:
- Scrub anywhere
- BPM Filter
- Clear Filters
- Filters work on discovered songs
- Faster filtering
- Show number of songs in every filter
- App now works in any network condition
- More consistent mix generation
- Battery efficiency improvement

New in version 1.8:
- Mix with friend's playlist
- Streamlined mix options and filters
- Faster navigation
- Refined paywall for Mixonset Pro
- Minor Fixes

New in version 1.7:
- Mix Maker
- Renamed Mixonset Premium to Mixonset Pro

New in version 1.6:
- Vibe filters in every playlist
- Basic Siri commands for the music player
- Push notification

New in version 1.5:
- Orbital Player
- Like song & slider on lock screen
- Reload queue
- View played songs
- Search for artists and albums in iTunes
- Questionnaire
- New Playlist

New in version 1.4:
- Smart mix tutorial
- Privacy policy update
- Premium experience improvement

New in version 1.3:
- New UI
- New font
- Playlist new look
- Find my vibe overhaul
- Save progress after app exits
- View song artist and album in iTunes
- View albums of artists in Spotify
- Choose vibe based on energy level

New in version 1.2:
- Colourful Mode
- Introducing Mixonset Premium
- Switch queue
- Save mix
- Merge playlists
- New discovery options
- Search playlists
- Scrolling bar in library
- Search for playlists, artists & albums on library tab
- Vibes like a song
- Discovered on Mixonset playlist

New in version 1.1:
- iPad support
- Horizontal mode
- Mix overview screen
- Share mix link
- Offline navigation
- Playlist/artist/album menu
- Reload current playlist on pull down
- Long press or tap details to show song options
- Login to Spotify without Spotify app
- On the fly mix options for each mix
- Current playlist options
- Mixing progress circle
- Current playlist revamped
- Add Song suggestions

New in version 1.0:
- Welcome to Mixonset
- Automatic Mixing
- Fill in the Gaps of playlists
- Smartly order playlists
- Filter out duplicate songs
- Automatic Spotify login
- iOS 13 playlist menu options
- Scrubbing allowed
- Search suggestions
- Song menu everywhere
- Add song to playlist/delete song from playlist
- Like button
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99.9 MB
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Mixonset Inc.
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