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Moodistory Mood Tracker, Diary

Moodistory Mood Tracker, Diary

Mental Health & Habit Journal

1.8.5 for iPhone
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Moodistory Mood Tracker, Diary Description
Moodistory is a low-effort mood tracker & mind journal with a unique and beautiful design. Create journal entries in less than 5 seconds, without writing a single word. Use the integrated mood calendar (or year in pixels view) to easily find mood patterns. Become aware of your highs and lows and analyze the cause for mood swings. Discover triggers for a positive mood and establish awareness about your mental health now!


Life is about ups and downs and can sometimes leave you confused. If you want to understand your emotions and moods, awareness for yourself is key. Moodistory is here to support you in doing that! It is a mood tracker & mind journal for self-improvement to foster your mental health, happiness and well-being. It is also a supporting tool for coping with mood swings, bipolar disorders, anxiety and depression. Your mental well-being, your mental health is Moodistory’s mission. Self-care and empowerment are the cornerstones.


• Create journal entries in less than 5 seconds, without writing a single word.
• Add details by choosing from more than 140 events/activities in 9 categories.
• Save thoughts and notes with your mood.
• Add the location automatically or manually using Maps.
• Mood calendar: quickly switch between yearly, monthly and daily calendar views.
• Year in Pixels, Month in Pixels & Year in Pixels by day (all with export and sharing capability).
• Powerful analysis engine: Find out what triggers a positive or negative mood, identify mood swings and much more.
• Set up reminders that fit your daily routine.
• Use random reminders to get reminded randomly within a time frame you decide.
• Fully customizable events/activities list.
• Set up Face ID/Touch ID/Passcode to keep your mood data safe from others.
• PDF-Export: Create a beautiful PDF in seconds that you can use for printing, sharing, archiving.
• Theme support: Choose from a collection of carefully composed color palettes or create your own theme and select every single color yourself.
• Freely choose the scale for rating your mood: Use any scaling from a 2-point scale up to an 11-point scale.
• No registration needed – Jump right into the app without any cumbersome signup procedure.
• No additional costs, premium packages or subscriptions – pay once, keep it and get all updates for free!


Only things that are measured can be improved! Therefore, the first step in self-improvement is raising awareness and to understand - knowledge is power, self-care is key! Moodistory helps you in understanding inner problems, fears and concerns. It supports you in increasing your problem-solving skills by discovering behavioral patterns and triggers. Moodistory’s monthly and yearly view (aka “year in pixels”) illustrate your mood phases and therefore supports you in creating your own early-warning system for mood swings or bipolar phases. Once you have a better understanding of your situation, you'll automatically be able to better cope with hassle, stress, anxiety and depression! Because Moodistory establishes facts about the history of your mood, you'll feel more in control!


A mood tracker holds very sensitive data - and that's why we made sure that your data is always safe!
Moodistory saves your data ONLY on your iPhone locally, so only you can access it. We do not store any of your mood data on any server and we do not share any of your mood data with any other app or website. No one but you has access to the data of your mood tracker!


Moodistory was created with you in mind. We think that self-care and keeping a mood diary is supposed to be fun, rewarding and easy to do.
We’ve invested hundreds of hours into design and navigation to provide the best usability. But we don’t stop here! - We are committed to improving Moodistory continuously with your feedback!
If you have any questions or feedback about our mood tracker, contact us via
Moodistory Mood Tracker, Diary 1.8.5 Update
2019-12-09 Version History
This update brings minor changes, but a lot has happened under the hood to improve the overall experience with Moodistory.
We've worked on a theme that is especially helpful for people living with red/green color blindness. It's called "P-Orange" and uses a combination of purple and orange.
Since we are already in December, the calendar will now also show the coming new year 2020.
Last but not least we've fixed a few bugs (e.g. on some devices, the Touch ID authentication appeared multiple times if it was enabled).

In the last few days, we've received a lot of great feedback, ideas, and suggestions! Thank you so much! - Please keep them coming. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate and send it to us via our contact form at
All the best and see you soon!

P.S. Moodistory is now also available fully in Japanese.
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28.8 MB
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Christoph Matzka
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