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Multiplier Description
-The Multiplier App automates calculations to predict mature height and bone length in children. This method was created originally in Baltimore at the University of Maryland, and subsequently developed at the International Center for Limb Lengthening (ICLL), Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics (RIAO), Sinai Hospital of Baltimore.

-We have taught the Multiplier Method for more than 19 years at our annual Baltimore Limb Deformity Course ( These calculations are typically performed by hand, using various formulae. Certain calculations are easy, but others involve more complicated formulae. Utilizing this app will reduce the time needed for these routine calculations and decrease errors. You need only input certain data (sex, age, length) and the app will calculate the answer by using the appropriate Multiplier formula.

The Multiplier App will allow you to make the following calculations:

• Lower Extremity
- Limb Length Discrepancy (LLD) (Congenital)
- LLD (Developmental)
- Growth Remaining
- Bone Length
- Timing of Angular Correction
- Timing of Epiphysiodesis
- Comprehensive (Congenital) LLD and Epiphysiodesis
-Scanogram Calculations (calculates femur/tibia lengths, overall limb length discrepancy, and amount/side of femur/tibia discrepancies)

• Upper Extremity
- LLD (Congenital)
- LLD (Developmental)
- Growth Remaining
- Bone Length

• Height and CDC Growth Charts (calculates height at maturity, calculates height at every age, and plots the patient’s height and weight on the CDC growth charts)

• Achondroplasia
- Height
- Sitting Height
- Leg Length

• Fetus (calculates the length of tibia or femur at birth and maturity)

• Foot
- Foot Length
- Foot Length Discrepancy

• Spine (calculates sitting height at maturity)

• Oblique Plane Deformity (calculates magnitude, orientation, and direction of an oblique plane deformity)

• Inclined Osteotomy (calculates the rotational orientation and the vertical inclination of the osteotomy)

This app also provides the following additional resources:
-Bone Age: Elbow and Hand (shows how to determine skeletal age by using radiographs of the elbow or hand)
-Figures that show the standard measurements for the lower limb and foot
-The multiplier formulae that the app uses to perform the calculations
-Tables that show the multiplier values that are used in the formulae
-Figures that show the Solomin Foot Analysis (deformity correction planning for the midfoot, hindfoot, and ankle using reference lines and angles provided by Dr. Leonid Solomin)
-Figures that show the development of the apophyses, epiphyses, and bones
-User guide

Disclaimer: No growth prediction method is 100% accurate; this App is not a substitute for sound and careful clinical judgment.
Privacy Policy: We respect the privacy of the people who use International Center for Limb Lengthening apps. The Multiplier app does not collect, use or distribute any data from the users.
Multiplier 7.0 Update
2019-08-12 Version History
We added “Scanogram Calculations” under “Lower Extremity.” After entering the scanogram measurements, the screen will calculate the lengths of the individual femora and tibiae as well as the overall discrepancy for the limbs (using the femoral and tibial discrepancies). It will also provide the amount of each tibial and femoral discrepancy and whether each discrepancy is present on the right side or the left side. Under “Additional Resources,” we have added a new section called “Solomin Foot Analysis” that shows deformity correction planning for the midfoot, hindfoot, and ankle using reference lines and angles provided by Dr. Leonid Solomin. We improved the formatting of the data entry screens to reduce errors when inputting data. For example, units of length (cm or inches) no longer have a default unit selected; the user must choose the unit of length. We improved the formatting of the results screens to reduce errors in interpreting data. The Multiplier has been upgraded to support the latest iOS and improve its performance.
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