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MusicMyLife Description
MusicMyLife is music and podcast performance control app.

You can control your favorite music and podcast in lots kinds of conditions. For example, location management, timezone management, performance condition control and so on.

You can make groups by artists, albums and songs.
You can manage timezone for performance. Then, you can manage about morning, noon, evening and night control.
You can manage location control by GPS. Then you can limit to play performance by your circles (areas). Also, you can avoid to play some artists which is set by your requested circles.
You can manage performance condition. You limit the performance time. And you can limit to play from the last played date.
Also, you can play podcast as same as music.
You can enjoy music and podcast one after another.
You can play random and normal(order) performance about music albums. Also, you can put podcast between each songs.

If you already have a record of the number of performances, you can automatically create performance conditions for many artists based on that information.

Enjoy your music and podcast life!

You can limit performance time in 4 minutes each title.

You can some artists performance 1 time per 1 hour or
1 time per 24 hours.

You can wait to play music by the interval of the last performance date. You can avoid to be boring by repeated same title in short time.

You can play podcast 5 minutes as division. After the podcast, you can play music 1 or more titles. After music titles, you can enjoy the podcast as be continued.

If you have registered albums and titles in your devices, then you have only to register the artist in this app. This app will choose a title in your albums and titles in your device.

Also, you can register a specific title or a specific album in this app, when you desire with strong wish.

This app support Cloud mode and Device mode. When you stay in poor network environment -low network speed-, then, you can select device mode. In device mode, you need to keep actual music and podcast data in your device. For example, you need to set device mode in flight.

In main view(operation view), you can change color settings for your favorite patterns. You like black, red, Yellow? Yes you can!

(For Beginner settings method)
1. You need to register music and podcast titles in your device.
2. About music, please make a media group as many artist recorded in this app.
3. About music, please make media groups as your favorite artists, albums and titles, each other.
4. Play performance.
5. If it is OK, then please set up podcast and conditions.
6. It is better to leave the playing conditions loose at first. We will gradually make it a tough condition.

Conditions are to limit to play performance, then, if you set lots of conditions, the app will not be able to find out proper titles.
At least, you have a group which is recorded by many artist without condition, it will be stable performance environment.
About Backup/Restore function, please wait about 10 min. after starting this app.
This app does not provide music or podcasts themselves. This app can not be used unless it is an environment where music data and podcast data can be used with the app installed as standard on the device.
In order to control the performance depending on the location, the location information in the background may be obtained. Therefore, if you do not agree to obtain background location information, you will not be able to receive this service.
MusicMyLife 1.2 Update
2019-10-12 Version History
Version: 1.2 Additional functions
- Supporting iOS 13.0
- Adding Time Zone function as sub condition in valid locations and invalid locations in performance condition menu.
- Function to automatically register artists
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10.4 MB
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