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My Shared Shopping List Description
My Shopping List just works as a usual Shopping List. You write down your positions and tag them as done when they're done.

But My Shopping List can do more: Its innovative Facebook feature allows you to have a shared shopping list with your friends! Just write down all the necessary stuff into a Facebook Group or Event – that's it. My Shopping List will display all open positions on your iPhone. You decide what you want to buy. Just mark things as done on your iPhone and the Facebook group will be updated – everyone can see what you bought and what is still left to buy! Of course it works the other way around – just mark things as done in the Facebook group and My Shopping List will update the list on your iPhone.

The idea behind My Shoppling List

Sometimes it is difficult to coordinate spontaneous barbecues and parties because there is always something missing on the one hand and on the other hand there is too much. The result is that sometimes you have to go and get something at the nearest shop – of course on Sundays.
I live with my girlfriend. We share a flat and we share our things – why shouldn't we share our daily shopping? It's comfortable to know that this shopping list is always up to date and helps us with our daily living in a very subtle and automatized way.
Facebook is a very common tool for socializing. Everyone who is on Facebook can participate on My Shopping List without having to be an iPhone owner.
So basically there is one shopping list on which everybody can participate. Changes in any direction will be sent to each participant of the shopping list, so it helps to coordinate many people to work on one joint purchase.

How to handle the app

Create new shopping list by pressing +. You can enter the name of your shopping list and decide wether to synchronize with a Facebook group or event.
Add Items on your shopping list by pressing +. You can write every product in one row or follow the rule minus/item/space (i.e. „–milk –eggs –flour“).
Mark items as done by simply tapping them.
Import items from a Facebook group or event by pressing the synchronize button – skip publishing.
Export your changes by pressing the synchronize button – publish post.
You can decide at to synchronize with a Facebook group or event at any time.

How to set up Facebook groups and events

My Shopping List will interprete posts on the wall of the Facebook group or event as related to the shopping list which begin with either a minus (-) or a star (*). Other posts won't affect the sopping list.
Add items by posting on the wall, following the rule minus/space/item (i.e. „–milk –eggs –flour“).
Mark items as done by posting on the wall, replacing minuses by a stars (i.e. „*milk *eggs *flour“).
In order to ensure that the shopping list will be displayed correctly, don't mix up item postings and other comments – if you want to say something about your update, use the comment feature (posting comments won't affect the shopping list at any time).

In order to avoid typos, just copy and paste the positions from the shopping list of the latest post in the Facebook group or event and replace minuses (-) with stars (*). They will be displayed correctly. Of course, this works just the other way around (replacing stars with minuses). You don't have to post the entire shopping list; just write the items you want to change.
Did you just found a receipe on the internet? Did someone write you an email with things to buy? Just copy & paste everything into the textfield for adding items, place some minuses if necessary – that's it.

If you still have questions how to set up Facebook groups in order to display them correctly, just visit our facebook group ( and take a look at our fabulous tutorial video (in English). Also feel free to email us or post your comments. We appreciate your feedback!
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