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Networking Toolkit

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Networking Toolkit Description
******Top 10 iTunes "What's Hot" Utilities Category - December 2010 & January 2011******

The Networking Toolkit offers three tools:

1) a Subnet Calculator
2) a Network Calculator
3) a Wildcard Mask Calculator

Additional tools are in development for future updates. We invite you to make suggestions for tools on our website


The Subnet Calculator is designed to provide subnet information for a given IP address and subnet mask. You may use the calculator to answer the following questions:

• What is the subnet class (A, B, or C)
• Is the address a valid host address
• What is the subnet mask in slash and dotted decimal notation
• What is the valid host range, network, and broadcast address

As you change the subnet mask, the information is updated to reflect the change. Unlike other calculators, this app can handle RFC 3021 and /32 subnets.


The Network Calculator derives a subnet mask from a given address based upon the number of networks or hosts/network required. Once the subnet mask is selected, the individual subnets may be displayed and forwarded via e-mail. The calculator may be operated so as to include or exclude the zero subnet.

This tool may be used to solve the following types of problems:

• Given the network, subnet the network to create 20 networks with as many hosts/network. List the networks and hosts associated with each network.

• How many networks may be created from which allows for each network to contain a minimum of 200 hosts.


Derive contiguous wildcard mask statements such as used in Cisco access lists. Pick an IP address which falls in the range of addresses you are trying to match and move the slider to find the appropriate mask.

The app is invaluable for people studying for networking certifications such as the CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, CCDE, CCIE, the Microsoft MCSE, and the various Juniper certifications.

Easter Egg
The 4.0 release contained an Easter Egg Contest. The release was on April F00Ls Day. If you convert 0xF00 to decimal and realize L is an upside down 7 you will calculate the number 15 0 0 7. Put that number in the Wildcard Mask Calculator and move the slider until the Easter Egg appears.

4.1 contains another contest. Can you find it?
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Paul Borghese
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