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Nine Men's Morris - 9Tani Description
Nine Men's Morris a strategy board game is a Medieval game of strategy and skill. it can be played between two players. This strategy board game has been played for thousands of years all over the world and was most popular in England five hundred years ago. The game is for two players. each player have nine Men's or pieces. The one player has to reduce opponent players to two pieces in order to win. there are three stages in the game. first stage called Men's placement, second called Men's move and third is called Men's Fly.

Stage 1: Men's Placement
Nine Men's Morris starts on an empty board initially. nine men's Morris algorithm assign who play first, then each player take their turns to place their man on a strategic empty positions one per turn. If any of the player succeed in placing three of his/her Men's in three contiguous positions in a straight line either vertically of horizontally, he or she has formed a mill and may kill one of his opponent's man from the board and the game, with the caveat that a man in an opponent's mill can only be removed if no other Men's are available. After all men have been placed, Stage 2: Men's Move begins.

Stage 2: Men's Move

Players continue to alternate their strategic moves to form their own mill and to stop opponent to form a mill or to block opponent Men's, this time moving a man to an adjacent point. A man may not "jump" another man in the move also its not possible in the game play. Players continue to try to form mills and kill their opponent's men as in phase one. A player can "break" a mill by moving one of his men out of an existing mill, then moving it back to form the same mill a second time (or any number of times), each time removing one of his opponent's men. The act of removing an opponent's man is sometimes called "pounding" the opponent. When one player has been reduced to three men.

Play Online:
You can play Nine Men's Morris online with other players and your Friends on Facebook or Game Buddies, You can send challenge to your Facebook friends and game buddies, TO Challenge your friends on Facebook, Login with your Facebook account and play the challenging Nine Men's Morris Board game. Nine Men's Morris online strategy board game to play with Friends and game buddies. Based on strategy board game, its really thrilling and challenging to bet your friends on line.
Play Offline:
You will play game offline, no INTERNET connection is required.
Game Features
Play Nine Men's Morris against the any random online player or against friends all over the world!
Single-player: play alone against the computer
multiplayer offline: play against a friend on a single phone/tab
Online multiplayer: play online with friends or strangers from all around the world!
Online Private Table: Invite friends to play online via a private table code
Play more and more and get high in the ranking list
Play and earn daily reward points
You can chat with your opponent while playing
See opponent county, chat with opponent, send them friend request and add them as game buddy to play again
Make your brain think strategically and improve intelligence.
Helps kills time in your free hours
Connects you with people and friends to play together
Nine Men's Morris - 9Tani 1.0 Update
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