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Gradus inc.

1.7.0 for iPhone

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Nonstop Hero Description
The town is in danger!
Our little town has gone and become a popular spot for the Demon Lords!
If they stay too long then our town will be totally destroyed! However, the Demon Lords are all rich so if you defeat them, we can get lots of money!
Before the town gets destroyed, fight off the Demon Lords and use the money to develop it!

○How to play
Swipe the screen to attack the enemies!
The money dropped by enemies can power up weapons and we can fight off all the Demon Lords!

This is a game where you attack the enemies by swiping the screen in order to wipe out the Demon Lords.
The Demon Lord will slowly make its way towards the town, when they reach the town then the attack starts.
The Demon Lord will take their time to destroy the town, if the town is damaged then the town level goes down and the town also loses money.
If you tap on the Demon Lord then minions will pop out, when the enemy numbers are down, try tapping on the Demon Lord!

Use the money to strengthen the town, when the town is strengthened, the amount of savings increases
You can protect your savings by transferring them (Transferred money cannot be taken by the Demon Lord)

You can use money to strengthen the weapons.
Strengthened weapons are absorbed by the player when you reincarnate and will reset to their original level.

Once you have defeated the Demon Lords to a certain extent, you can reincarnate!
To reincarnate, the player levels up by absorbing all the Demon Lords they have defeated as well as any strengthened weapons.
When you reincarnate, the Demon Lords and weapons return to how they were at the start.
If you’re having a hard time defeating a Demon Lord then try reincarnation!

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154.9 MB
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Gradus inc.
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