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Nouns at Home

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Nouns at Home Description
‘There’s a ton of positive reinforcement in this app, something we always love.’ - The iPhone App Review.

‘There's a 'learning' mode with a strong educational focus and a 'play' mode where the emphasis is decidedly more game-like.’

What Your Child Will Learn

Young children are concrete thinkers and learn best about objects that are familiar to them like those found in their own homes. Playing Nouns At Home will encourage your child’s development in the following areas:

• Listening skills (attending to and understanding words
• Language development (vocabulary)
• Early literacy skills (sight word vocabulary)
• Spelling of selected words
• Visual perception (matching shapes)
• Visual memory
• Fine motor skills
• Eye-hand coordination

Recent research on raising resilient children has shown that providing educational activities where children have to master increasingly difficult tasks help to build self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Nouns at Home helps with this process as children learn to drag an increasing amount of objects, listen for clues and learn to spell the words that they’ve learned.

Why You Will Love It

• It teaches the names, pronunciation and spelling of 194 common household objects
• Provides positive reinforcement for levels completed
• Simple navigation system, so your child won’t get stuck
• Increasing complexity levels
• Perfect for vocabulary expansion and English Second Language learning
• Developed in consultation with an early childhood development expert

Why Your Child Will Play It

• Positive reinforcement as your child completes different levels
• Engaging graphics and a professionally recorded voice
• Increasingly challenging levels

App Features – Learn Match Spell – Nouns at Home

• Learn the names, pronunciation and spelling of 194 words in 10 different rooms of a home
• Play in three different modes: ‘Look and Match’, ‘Listen and Match’ or ‘Spelling’
• Play on four different levels with increasing difficulty
• Contains a ‘Spelling Challenge’ where two players can compete in spelling the words learned

Age Range

This educational app is suitable for children ages 2-6, but can also be used by older beginner readers to reinforce sight word vocabulary and spelling of selected words.

More Information

You can view a video trailer for: Nouns at Home here:

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