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Oulala Description
Have you always dreamed of creating and managing your own football team? Are you tired of hearing your friends claim that they know football better than you do? Oulala is linked to real football matches (we are not a virtual game) so that you can prove to them that you are the real boss!

To sum it all up, the Oulala mobile application allows you to:
• Register to the game.
• Enter (or create) a daily league with friends or colleagues.
• Create your own virtual football team.
• Follow your players' live scores during the real football matches (to keep you awake during your weekly dinner with the in-laws).
• Manage your team live: you can change your team formation and substitute players in real time.
• Follow the live ranking of your league and when all live matches are over, check whether you can brag… or hide!

Additionally, it enables you to:
• Look at the other leagues (why not make new friends/enemies)
• Learn about the game (it helps)
• Edit your account settings (language, privacy settings, emails).
• Be cool.

For the ones who love to read:
1. You have a daily budget of €100 million to create your team (yes, we are not cheap). You can choose from 2,800 players within the top 4 European Leagues: France, England, Italy, and Spain (you will FINALLY be able to play Leo Messi and Andy Carroll together). You have seven team formations from which to choose, but the 8-1-1 introduced by Chelsea in 2012 is not yet available (perhaps in the distant future).

2. You will be able to follow the performances of your team's players during their real football matches. Indeed, and this is where it gets interesting, we take into consideration the actual performances of your players live.
To use a concrete example:if you’ve chosen Cristiano Ronaldo to be on your team and he has just scored yet another freaky free kick? You win 25 points. On the other hand, Balotelli has demonstrated, once again, that he can control his temper under all circumstances: landed himself a straight red card after causing a penalty and breaking both of his opponent's legs? You lose 40 points.
Our scoring system is the most sophisticated ever created with 70 criteria included. The objective is to stick as closely as possible to football reality (this was the most boring part of this description, we swear).

3. Our next innovative feature: you can now manage your team live. Indeed, Oulala gives you the possibility to change your team formation during live matches, as well as to change up to three of your starting players. You had a weak moment and selected Peter Crouch as one of your starters because you miss his infamous robot dance (honestly who doesn’t)? Bad choice, he seems to be having one of his "best" days. You can decide to sub him out at,say,the 25th minute of his match, with one of the strikers on your substitution bench (as long as you do not replace him by Carlton Cole, you should be fine). The statistics of your subbed in player will then start counting for your team from the 26th minute of his match. We like to keep things straightforward.

4. Every day, the manager whose teams have accumulated the most points will win the right to brag

Finally, if you have any questions, suggestions or existential self-requests, please do not hesitate to come see us on oulala.com. We surely do not bite (yet) and, most importantly, we would very much appreciate knowing what you think of Oulala.
Oulala 2.0 Update
2016-12-15 Version History
brand new design and functionalities !
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