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Password: Spectre Description
Meet Spectre, your tiny pocket ghost password calculator. Spectre won't save your passwords or send them off to the cloud, instead it'll generate the password you want to see, just when you need it, from thin air.

Are you troubled by poor passwords in the night?
Do you experience feelings of dread in your home office?

Let Spectre float along with you, this friendly ghost will never:
- Save your passwords on your phone - so losing your phone or having it confiscated doesn't compromise you.
- Upload your passwords to the cloud - so your passwords aren't at risk of getting leaked, mishandled or lost.
- Be unavailable - your very own Spectre can rise from the dead, just by reinstalling the app or borrowing a friend's device in incognito mode.

Spectre isn't just adorable, it's also a math genius. It embodies the spirit of a multi-layered cryptographic algorithm, securely deriving every password you need purely from the combination of your name, your personal Spectre secret (don't tell!), and the domain name of the site you're logging into.
As sure as π × ø, your passwords are now always available and immortal. But only ever through you.

“Is this even safe?”
Spectre's algorithm has been used to protect both personal and corporate assets for over 10 years. A cryptographic algorithm combines authenticated hashing and key derivation to ward off known and unknown attack vectors.

“Can anyone find my passwords?”
Your personal Spectre secret is the proof of your identity. Nobody can ever find your passwords: they simply don’t exist without it.

“Can I trust you?”
Trust is everything, it’s also a highly personal decision that only you can make.
Spectre is the product of 10 years of development by Maarten Billemont, a Belgian-Canadian mobile security software engineer.
Every measure has been taken to minimize our access and your need for trust:
- Spectre doesn’t keep your passwords on the device, or anywhere else.
- Spectre never sends your information anywhere.
- Spectre does not keep *any* customer information, at all.
- Spectre is fully open-source, can and has been scrutinized in every detail.
We invite you to tick this checklist against any other password products.

Our sole objective is to revolutionize passwords and digital identity, by finally putting you back in the driver seat.


When passwords are just math,
‣ they can *never* be lost,
‣ they are always strong and unique,
‣ they are available to you, from anywhere, even offline or from a borrowed device,
‣ they cannot be confiscated, locked-out or lost,
‣ they will never be leaked from the cloud, or copied from your device.


Spectre is how you put yourself back in the driver-seat of your own digital identity:
‣ don’t send out any information on yourself,
‣ don’t make someone else the key master of every online account you own,
‣ stop answering invasive security questions with highly personal information,
‣ put an end to reused or related account passwords.


We have a very strong moral centre and leave no one behind:
‣ Spectre will always be available to all, for free.
‣ Spectre is fully open source and licensed Free Software.
‣ Spectre’s algorithm is public domain & available for inspection.
‣ We hold privacy and user consent as primary.
‣ We use technology to guard you from regulatory overreach.
Password: Spectre 3.0.1 Update
2021-10-31 Version History
- AutoFill allows users to access their Spectre credentials from outside of the Spectre app, without needing to rely on copy-pasting passwords and/or login names.
- Incognito mode allows full access to the entire feature suite without the need for persisting any state or leaving any trace.
- A new user interface completely rethinks and modernizes the user-experience; aiming to be simple, fresh and friendly, while providing a platform for new capabilities yet to come.
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50.4 MB
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Maarten Billemont
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